Dieting Update: Lost 5 lbs

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Okay you dieting companions.  How we doing?  Sorry this is so late. But between the Jets game and my favorite show 24, time just slipped away.  I honestly don’t know why I watch that show because I cover my eyes almost the whole time.  But I’m addicted.

Anyway how did I do?  Well, this week not so well.  I was sick most of the week and I went from the, I can’t eat a think stage to the if I don’t eat something in a second I’m going to faint stage.  So, it was not a good week for tracking my points.  With all that, I still lost 1 pound so I’m at 5 lbs all together and I’m ready to tackle it again this coming week.

I can’t share any good recipes or tips I found because I was not the model of a healthy eating this week.  Mostly, while I was sick, I was craving carbs so obviously that is not what I should have been doing.

But, I’d love to hear how you guys are doing?  Any good tips?  How much did you lose?  Any new dieting recruits?