Dieting Update: Lost 5 lbs

Okay you dieting companions.  How we doing?  Sorry this is so late. But between the Jets game and my favorite show 24, time just slipped away.  I honestly don’t know why I watch that show because I cover my eyes almost the whole time.  But I’m addicted.

Anyway how did I do?  Well, this week not so well.  I was sick most of the week and I went from the, I can’t eat a think stage to the if I don’t eat something in a second I’m going to faint stage.  So, it was not a good week for tracking my points.  With all that, I still lost 1 pound so I’m at 5 lbs all together and I’m ready to tackle it again this coming week.

I can’t share any good recipes or tips I found because I was not the model of a healthy eating this week.  Mostly, while I was sick, I was craving carbs so obviously that is not what I should have been doing.

But, I’d love to hear how you guys are doing?  Any good tips?  How much did you lose?  Any new dieting recruits?

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  • Linda

    Well I had an outstanding week. As of this morning I am down 11 pounds since 12/28 which is just over 3 weeks so I’m feeling pretty proud of myself. Hope to lose another 2 lbs or more this week but it does get harder as time goes on. You are doing amazing especially considering you were sick.

  • Betty

    First, hope you’re feeling better! I lost one pound this week, which in my book, stinks. I just dropped my daughter back at college this morning, so I can put my new game plan in action! I’ve been walking every morning, eating well for breakfast and lunch, but dinner, although it’s healthy food, I eat too much. So here’s the plan…I’ll stick to my regular breakfast and lunch (I bring my own to work, so it’s very controled) and for dinner I’m going to eat a frozen dinner like Smart Ones, etc. I usually make a big batch of lentil or bean soup for lunch, and bring a piece of fruit for snack. If I cook, dinner is my downfall. Wish me luck!

  • This week I lost, are you ready….1/2 a pound! Just a rough week (I had midterms) with quick grab food and not much planning. Ready for the coming week though.

  • Jennifer W

    My weigh in isn’t till wednesday so that is why i’m late… i was very happy to see i lost 2.8 pounds this week even though it wasn’t the best week.. keep up the great work ladies!