Entenmann’s Outlet Stores Locator

There was a discuss over on the LRWC Facebook Fan page about these Arnold Sandwich Thins. According to Jennifer, they are suppose to be yummy and only 100 calories. There are no coupons for this out right now, at least not that my area (NJ) has gotten. Of course I can’t get them without a coupon. So, Jennifer recommended an Entenmann’s outlet where they sell for only around $1.67.

Having never been to an Entenmann’s outlet and not even knowing if there was one close by, I decided to locate one. And wouldn’t you know it, there is one only 9 miles from my house. I’ll have to visit.

So, I just wanted to share the Entenmann’s Outlet link with you in case you too want to pick up some goodies at reduced prices. They carry the following brands:

  • Entenmann’s
  • Arnold’s
  • Boboli
  • Freihofers
  • Brownberry
  • Stroehmann

I’m not sure if all are brands at sold at each outlet store so you want want to call first to see what they carry.

Has anyone done a lot of shopping at the Entenmann’s outlet? If so, please share some deals you have found there.

(Thanks Jennifer!)

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  • Melissa

    My husband and I visit the Entemann’s outlet in Edison often. A couple of times a year (usually around holidays like Easter, Christmas etc) they will hold really great sales where they take an additional 25-30% off. It is not a very big place but I have gotten some great deals there in the past. At that particular one you always want to check out the deal at the register as it is usually a good one. The main thing is you have to pay attention to what color the line is that is on your box or bag. We’ve found things there that we’ve never seen in supermarket. Definitely worth checking out.

    • isabel

      where in edison nj

  • I have an Entemann’s outlet in my town. Like Melissa says- pay attention to the line color. That determines the price. I love those sandwich thins.

  • Cindy, there’s a Freihofer’s outlet in my town that’s SO good for bread prices. We have an Entenmann’s too, but I suggest Freihofers. Everything is b2g1. The double-packs of the sandwich thins were $1.50 each, so you could get three for $3, or $1 each. The sticker on the package [[the regular store retail]] was $5.98 for a double pack. Great savings there!

  • Hallie

    I have been to the one in Little Falls a few times. If you don’t have your heart set on any particular thing, it can work out well. You just don’t know what is going to be there becuase it is the stuff that is picked up from the supermarkets in the area. They are usually close to the “sell by” date.

  • Shirly Herskovitz

    We really miss the Entenmann’s Outlet Store in West Palm Beach. Is there one any where in our area. Our zip code is 33418.

  • Shirly Herskovitz

    We miss the outlet store in West Palm Beach, FL. Is there one anywhere near us. Our zip code is 33418.

  • Nancy

    I absolutely love the Entenmann’s Outlet. I go there on a weekly basis for donuts & bagels. I told the person at our church who is responsible for the welcome table. She buys several boxes at a time & freezes them. You can easily save 60% or more, depending on what you buy. Last Saturday I bought a lemon cake (reg. 5.99), donuts (reg. 3.49), mini bagels (reg. 3.99), and cinnamon rolls (reg 2.99) for $1.75 each (a savings of 58%).
    Check to see if they have a frequent buyer card and/or coupon calendar (ours has both). The card will save you $5 after 10 – $5 purchases. The calendar costs $3, and will save you $$ throughout the year.

  • Lee

    The produce market that is in the shopping center just east of Lowe’s on Okeechobee carries Entemann’s baked goods that is just expiring or nearly expired.

    I just bought some of the chocolate frosted donuts for $1.00 !!

  • I lived on Long Island, New York, for many years and enjoyed Entenmanns products for years. I would purchase them direct from the bakery for my family. Our family favorite was Corn Muffins. i have tried to locate an outlet store for this but all i have found are the Super Markets with packaged goods delivered to them from another state. Do you know of any Entenmanns store or bakery in the Sarasota, Florida area? I would appreciate it very much if you could please let me know YES ( and the locaation) or no.

    thanks for your courtesy.

  • kevin

    The Entenmann’s outlet in Little Falls is a waste of time, If you do not get there early in the morning all the cales are gone. They have didicated more space to chips, sugar free cookies, coffee, and other items, They have 50% less space set up for cakes and donuts. At $5-$6 a cake, I can not believe they have less returns than years ago.

  • I live in Fall River MA 02720-are there any outlets in my area?

  • Lynne

    There is no link provided. The only link you have up there takes me to a Thomas’s English Muffin’s webpage which has no links anywhere to any Entenmann’s outlet stores.

  • Donna

    wasnt too crazy about it last time I went, would rather pay full price then get close dated stale cakes. or frosted cakes that look flipped over. wish they had more bread products and less coffee and jellies. I guess its all depends on the day. my kid loves yellow cake with fudge frosting and there wasnt a single frosted cake to be found, but the cinnamon buns were a fantastic second choice 🙂

  • Bill Nelson

    I hear there is an outlet store in murietta CA can you give me the address please.

    Thank you

  • Samuel Chandy


    I am a regular purchaser of Arnold Whole Grains German Dark Wheat Bread.

    I live in East Meadow and checked for this particular bread in your
    Entemann’s Bakery, 2324, Hempstead Turnpike, East Meadow NY 11554 and is not available there. They say it is only available in Entemanns Supermarket.

    Can you send me the address of a supermarket of Entmanns Products near my residents?

    Thank You

    Samuel Chandy.

  • avgjoe

    OK for some reason the link brings you to a Thomas’ Muffin site (part of the Entennmanns line) Here is the correct link http://www.entenmanns.com/op-locator-Store-Outlet.cfm

  • sarah

    Anyone know where there is an outlet around W.Palm Beach, Florida?

  • Jacque

    Is there an outlet any where in the tampa bay area in fl??

  • MeMaDebbi

    is entenmann’s outlet still giving a free cake to anyone wearing pink for the month of october?

  • Sue

    I heard there was an outlet in cherry hill,nj. Can you tell me where. Is it off of rt 38 or 73. Or an actual address/ phone# so I can GPS it.Thanks

    • george

      According to Google, it’s: 1871 Marlton Pike E Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
      Entenmann’s Bakery Outlet
      1871 Marlton Pike E Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

  • Christine R.

    There’s one near me in the Blackwood, NJ area. Due to their hours I can’t get there easily during the week, but when I do I usually stock up on the black-lined Manager’s Specials and pop them in the freezer. They’re perfect for unexpected visitors or just a desert after Sunday dinner.

    • Chrissy

      Yup, the one in Blackwood is on Blackwood-Clementon road, right up the street from me….Right next to the Rita’s….

  • Kimberly Buchko

    We live about 10 miles from the Blackwood Outlet. I got my boyfriend a
    groupon for $10 worth of product as a christmas gift, he was like a kid
    in a candy store. lol The dates are close, but we just popped stuff in the freezer to avoid the issue. 🙂