Expired Coupons Help Military Families

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Darlene left a message over on the LRWC Facebook page.  She is the coupon volunteer for Incirlik, AFB, Turkey military base.

She wanted to let LRWC readers know that there is an overseas coupon program for military families and she needs our help for the program at Incirlik AFB, Turkey.

The military commissary allows military families to use expired coupon for up to 6 months past the expiration date. They need your coupons that you will not be using or have recently expired. They are looking for only manufacturer coupons and coupons that are not more then 1 month past the expiration date (to allow for delivery & sorting time).  Sorting the coupons and placing them in a ziploc bag would make is so much easier for then to sort through them quickly. You can ship them to:

Coupon Program
Unit 7505, Box 175
APO, AE 09824

What a great way to help our military families. Another frugal way to make a donation and make a difference.