Mid Week Diet Check In

Okay my dieting companions, it’s mid-week.  How are we doing?
My progress has been awesome.  I started the week starving most of the time but with the assistance of some experienced healthy living, dieters, I soon found out that I wasn’t eating enough protein or drinking enough water.  I have corrected that and am happy to report that I am really not that hungry anymore.
I’ve stayed right in at my 19 points (Weight Watchers) and have only tapped into the weekly points once so far this week (I have 35 extra to use through the week).  And, I know we are suppose to wait until a full week to weigh ourselves, but I couldn’t resist.  I lost 3 lbs so far.  Yay me!!
This is what I had yesterday. And the best part is that it cost me under $4.00 for everything.
Coffee w/ fat free creamer
Quaker low sugar oatmeal
Dannon Light n Fit Yogurt
Lean Cuisine Steak & Cheese Panini Sandwich
1/4 Cantaloupe
Chicken Breast Grilled
w/ Cranberry Salsa
Betty Crocker Mashed Potato (80 cal per serving)
2 cups Popcorn
Reader and fellow dieter, Stephanie, had sent me this recipe that I’m sure to try.  These Mini BLT’s look delicious. 

I am seriously considering putting up a Facebook page for this.  If I do it won’t be until the weekend.  In the meantime please check in and let us know how your week is going so far.  Have you stuck to it?  Are you hungry? What great inexpensive foods have your found? Are you exercising?  I’m not…on my to do list! If you just decided to diet or just eat more healthy, then come along. We love company.

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