How To Organize Your Coupons

organize coupons

How to Organize Your Coupons

Knowing how to organize your coupons is key to being a successful couponer.  You can’t save money on your groceries if your coupons are not easy to get to when you need them.

Over the years, I have changed my methods of organization from an envelope to a box to using the coupon binder.  In fact, if you are interested in that method.  I still have an old video up on YouTube showing you how to organize your coupons for a big coupon binder.

You can view them here and here. Warning these videos were done 5 years ago and technology, experience and organization methods have changed a great deal since then however, the basic concept is the same.

These days, I have found the best way is the “Whole Insert File Method”.

The Whole Insert File Method allows you to file whole inserts by the date of the Sunday the insert came out. This method is so much easier and with sites such as Living Rich With Coupons that offer store coupon match ups for so many different stores, this method works hand in hand.  Our match ups and coupon database show exactly which insert the coupons are located in.  So, all you have to do is grab that week’s inserts and clip the coupons you need as you need them.

We recommend filing up to 3 months of inserts!

Check out exactly how I file my inserts here :

Key Tips:

  • Take the last insert file and use that to put the new inserts into your file system.
  • Label each individual insert with the date on the binding (Sunday the Insert Came Out)

How to Organize Your Coupons

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  • Melanie

    You did a great job! Thank you for sharing your coupon organizing secrets!

    • Constance

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    • Veronica

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  • Rosanne

    Your video is great! However, I must ask, are you this organized with everything? I think I am far too type B for this level of organization. Or is this possible with a clothes on the floor- never got the ornaments on the tree- just use a paper towel because all the bibs are dirty- person like me? How long does this take you in an average week?

    • Lee Anne

      Yes, you can be a type B and organize your coupons. Start small and forgive yourself the bunch of times you miss using a coupon. This stuff is fun because you don’t have to go anywhere to clip, and the notebook looks cool.

  • craemer3

    Videos are great!! Thanks a mill… I already used the binder system just like you do, it does work for me. However, a BIG THANK YOU for the lesson in cutting.. It seems so simple lay it all out and cut all at once. DUH!! I have been going crazy with the cutting and organizing that it makes it way too much work.. Your brilliant and smart idea will save me so much time, I feel like an idiot for not thinking of it myself!! Once again a BIG THANK YOU!! Happy New Year!!

  • lapuce

    Great video and advices. I just started a coupon binder this week and your video couldn't be better timing !!! I am eager to finish organizing my coupon and mostly cutting them out just the way you showed it 🙂
    By the way you look great.
    Have a happy new year 2010 filled with awesome coupons 🙂

  • mmlapman

    Hi Cindy:

    I also think you did a good job with the videos. I loved the idea of keeping the coupons you don't normally use in the file folder and save until a money maker deal appears. I can't tell you how many times I could kick myself for not saving them. I'm too lazy to put them in binders. I use my toddler's shoe box that I created similar tabs for. It works for me. Until I accidentally tilt it over (not so fun)
    Thanks again for sharing. I appreciate it very much.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Cindy! This is great!!!! I don't have a coupon binder…my question is, how do you keep track of all the coupons that are you just go through it once a week, the entire book, and pull out old as you go, or do you have them in order of expiration? And did you really get 5 coupon inserts in one newspaper? Or do you buy 5 newspapers? My trouble is, I don't want to buy the paper, but guess I have to in order to get the coupons. The internet coupons don't always double…any advice? Thx! Susan Z.

  • Donna

    Excellent job, Cindy. It's so nice to have a face/voice to put to the Blog. I have one of those velcro envelopes like you showed–it doesn't always close! I'm going to try the binder and see how it goes. Two things I do: I tear my coupons out along a metal ruler or use an Exacto knife on a large cutting board. I also write my shopping list on a legal envelope, write a "C" next to the item if I have a coupon for it, and then stuff them inside. Thanks for your great tips!

  • Liam and Lauren’s mom

    Thank you so much for explaning that, it makes life so easier now…
    I have a question… I have a bunch of coupons from differents inserts mixed all together…. how can i keep track of them (some mught be from October since we moved)
    Thank you so much for giving us such great deals.

  • Bethany

    I use a binder too. When Cost Cutters was closing they had great sales & I was able to get one that zips shut really cheap. I thought my daughter could use it for school but she never did so I took it over for my coupons! I use almost the same categories that you do. One thing I am going to change- I cut everything out, even if I don't use it. I never thought to put them in a folder for the just in case time. So much better! Wish I had watched the video before doing the five papers' worth of inserts that I had!

  • Betty

    First YouTube…next stop Hollywood! Good job!

  • Jen

    That was great! Thanks so much for the ideas. I've been struggling with the "envelope system" and this will definitely help me upgrade.

  • Anonymous

    Cindy! I am new to LRWC and I am already your biggest fan! you have saved our family sooo much money with your amazing organization and thorough research. your video is fabulous and perfect to help me pass on your wisdom to my girlfriends!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Cindy, really cute videos. I never thought of laying out the circulars and clipping, so that will save me time and the clutter of all the leftover pieces. I have really learned a lot from your examples.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much for the video. I have been looking for a new way to organize my coupons! I tried some of your methods- much easier, organized, and quicker than my old method!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Cindy
    I'm new to couponing big time so I appreciate
    all your tips! I love the video, your wisdom makes the organizing and cutting out processes so much easier.

    On another note, for some reason or other when I get your regular e-mail the picture is over the text. Why is that happening?

    Thanks again

  • Anonymous

    Hi Cindy,
    Love the videos. I've been using a similar binder method as you but I learned two new things from your videos. One, I carry my binder in my arms everywhere I go and sometimes I'm not comfortable with that so I'm definitely getting myself a bag like the one you showed in the video. Don't know why I didn't think of that myself. Two, I clip everything, even the coupons I'm not going to use for the same reason you said, in case its a money maker, except I have them all in a box. What a pain in the neck looking for a coupon that I know I have. I'm going to file them the way you suggested by date. Thannks a million. Great tips.
    Happy New Year.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks cindy it is nice to put a face with your words of wisdom! I just moved up to a binder it took me 2 days to organize it, but I know it will work much better! And thanks on the lesson on cutting I sit there and cut every coupon. And I think you look great but we all have a weight we feel comfortable with! Thanks again!

  • Anonymous

    Cindy, here's what I did to get a coupon binder. We have these thrift stores called Unique Thrift Store, across the country, I believe. Monday you get 25% off all items. I found a scrapbook (12×12, never used, still in wrapping), for $2.42 – 25% = $1.82. Now, all I need to do is find cheap baseball card inserts, and hoping I'll find them at a thrift store. If not, someone please tell me where I can get these for next to nothing! Thx, Cindy….Susan Z.

    • JJ

      Best deal I’ve found. Right they’re shipping for $0.99, and if you enter SAFEB25 in the promo-code box at checkout, you get 25% off! (That’s roughly $0.16/sheet, shipped.)

      • Dana

        You can get a pack of them at Walmart for about $6. There are 35 pages and you get either 9 or 12 per page. Sorry I do not know exactly, but I am at work and the binder is at home….

      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Hi Cindy,

    The videos are fantastic! I just started couponing as part of my new year's resolution to save our family money and I've learned so much from your site. I'm starting a coupon swap group with some good friends so I will pass this on to them also. Thanks for all that you do!! Laurie – a fellow Jersey Mom : )

  • danyel

    Hi Cindy,

    The videos are great! I originally found you on twitter and was thrilled to find your blog. My household is only two people, will your ideas and tips help us? I’m a vegetarian and we try to be as green as possible, do you find many coupons for items that we’ll find useful? Thanks so much!


    p.s. a lot of people have asked good questions on this entry, I hope you’ll get a chance to answer them.

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  • Belinda

    Thank you so much! You make organization very easy. I love your website.

  • Tracy

    You are awesome. I have learned a LOT from you, and I have saved so much money. I loved seeing your couponing system in your videos–you did a great job with those! I am just now graduating from the little coupon book (bursting at the seams) to your system. Please share another video soon on topics such as how long it takes you to get your lists together., and how you put them together. Right now it seems like it takes me forever, but I am still a newbie. Thank you again! I appreciate you a lot!

  • Kathy

    I’m still trying to get this going. Just so I understand, will I end up throwing out a bunch of coupons in the hope of saving a lot on others?

    • Cindy

      Yes. You will not be able to use all your coupons however, you will save so much more then the cost of all those extra coupons. ,

    • Tish

      Don’t throw those unused, expired coupons away. Look online for the address to Support Our Troops at the following address:
      Just mail them to Support Our Troops®, P. O. Box 70, Daytona Beach, FL 32115-0070 the cheapest way you can. Divide them into two separate bags/envelopes…label one food and one non-food. Do NOT send store coupons, only valid (but recently expired…no more than a month preferably) manufacturer coupons. These can be printed ones that are valid manufacturer coupons. Total up each bundle and place the amount on the envelope of the value of the bundle.
      These coupons will be sent overseas to families of our troops. They are able to use them up to six months after the coupon expiration in the AAFES commissaries which helps them save significantly. This is a great way to support our troops and their families and really doesn’t cost that much for you…just your time clipping and the postage money to mail them. Support Our Troops will send them over.

  • Kathy

    I’m hoping/thinking that you can help me…If I am using a $1/2 coupon is it possible to use another coupon on that same sale since I am purchasing two products?

    • Cindy

      You will only be able to use the one coupon. The coupon is a $1/2 which means that it applies to both products you are purchasing. If you had a store coupon for the same product, you would be able to stack the coupons but you can not use 2 manufacturer coupons. So, if you had a $1/2 store coupon (say Target) and the $1/2 manufacturer coupon you could do this:

      Buy 2 XYZ Product $2.00 each
      use (1)$1/2 Manufacturer coupon
      and use (1)$1/2 Store coupon
      Pay: $2.00
      Final Price: $1.00 each after both coupons


      Buy 2 XYZ Product $2.00 each
      -(1)$1/2 Manufacturer coupon
      Pay: $3.00
      Final Price: $1.50 each after coupon

      • Rachel

        what if you buy two of product A and have 2 coupons- $2/2 Manufacturer coupon and $1/1 Manufacturer coupon? I know the self-checkout machine at CVS allowed it but that doesn’t necessarily mean the machine was correct.

  • esther

    My New Years resolution is to save my family money. This is so helpful! Wish me luck! Thanks.

  • Allana

    Thanks for the great info. My neice got me started couponing over the holidays. Thanks to your videos and hints that have really clarified the system for me and am looking forward to saving a lot more. I am a single retiree and can see the benefit for someone in my position.

  • Judy

    Thanks for sharing. I was looking for binder pages but I could not find them. After watching your video I should have been looking for sports card inserts. Thanks!

  • Holly

    Hi Cindy! Great Videos! Where did you get your photo albums from that you use for the stores? Also are they top loading or load near the binding? I found some that load near the binding but was hoping to find a top loading type.

    thanks for all you do. Someday I will post the pictures of my stockpile and what I spent and what I saved. Next month I hope to have only a grocery bill for milk, eggs and cat litter!

    • Cindy

      I got the photo books for a dollar store by me. They load by the binding. I agree that the top loading would be better. Easier to just slide in.

      • you can find top loading photo pages at an office supply like staples or office max at least that is where I found mine.

        • Mindy

          I use small photo albums that they sell at AC Moore and other craft stores for 1$. They are small enough to fit in most purses and they are top loading 🙂

  • Gayle

    Thanks Cindy, this vidio helped so much to start a binder. My question is what do with internet coupons? Do you fold them. I have some plastic sleeves that I used for sticker strips, but they are so thick. I like the basball card idea, but before I buy some, I was just wondering what you did with intenet coupons. Thank you very much. Love this site.

    • Cindy

      I do the internet coupons the same as the insert coupons. When you fold them in half, they slide right in.

      • Holly

        I watched your video (thank you!) and decided to change the way I organize. Then I noticed in another area you said you now file by date & keep the flyers together with out clipping (which is how I organize).
        Why did you decide to change your system? Did the switch make it easier? I have supplies for a binder & have tried it that way. I am so confused now.
        Thank you.

  • Colleen

    Thank you for the informative video and I cant imagine you thinking you need to lose 15lbs.

  • Thanks – great video!

  • Wena

    Hi Cindy,

    Thanks for the video tutorials! They’re great! I’ve organized my coupons in alphabetical order (according to the item’s name), hoping that it will be easier for my husband to help out in sorting them out (he promised to do so). Now that I don’t have that many yet, it seems to be working well. However, after watching your video, I’m not sure if I should re-organize them into categories. What do you suggest? Thanks!

  • Seneca

    I’m not sure if anyone has asked this or not (I have an infant and limited time so I don’t have time to read them all), how do you keep straight what has expired? I have put together my binder and realized that some coupons will expire in a week and some in months. I would hate to have a book with mostly useless expired coupons. What is your method?


  • Amanda

    Just wanted to say thank you for explaining everything, I almost ordered an expensive coupon binder online and didn’t even realize I could use baseball card holder sheets!!! THANKS A MILLION!!! Your website is wonderful!!!!

  • Charity

    Do you put each set of coupons in a different slot? Like, if you have several Loreal for different prices off, do you put the different amount coupons in separate slots?

  • Robin

    I hope this wasn’t asked already…
    -Do you put the coupons in your binder according to expiration date? If so, how do you then update when coupons expire? Do you have to move them all up a few pockets?

    -If you have say, 3 coupons for Kraft cheese but all 3 are for different things (like one for $1 off 2 packages, one for $.50 off, and one for $.25 off) do you put them all together in 1 pocket or have 3 separate pockets?

    Thanks so much for your help!

    • Lea

      I recommend filing your coupons according to the catagories. The reason most people like the binder pages is because the pockets are clear. You can arrange the coupon so you can see the expiration date. Once a month, or so, go through your coupon binder and pull you expired coupons. If you want you can donate the expired coupons to a military family stationed overseas. They can use expired coupons up to 6 months after the expiration.

      3 different coupon values would get them 3 different pockets. These pages are clear so you can use the front and back if you wish. Some people put colored paper in to distinguish the differences, that would be up to you as to what you would like to do.

      hope that helps some!

      • Holly

        How do you donate the coupons to military families overseas? I would LOVE to do that and I would feel so much better about the expired coupons that I missed out on!

  • Janel Felice

    Hi Cindy, I want to say THANK YOU. I have been out of work and times are hard. I was in a grocery store and had little money to spend. I noticed a young woman and her binder WOW. She wrote down your website and the rest is history. Since then I have no problem putting food on the table for my son and I. I have five friends doing this now also. I have my binder divided into the category system that you show. It is getting over crowded. Do you have any where on here a way that I can divide it more?

  • Rene Pierce

    I just got started a couple of weeks ago and feel very overwhelmed. I spend all day running around getting circulars because I just signed up to get them in the mail then the rest of the day clipping. By the time Sunday night rolls around, I’m too mentally exhausted to start looking for deals. My head spins. This video has renewed me and given me some great time management cuts. Thanks and great job!

  • Nina

    Thanks so much for posting Cindy, your video is a great help! I can’t wait to try your methods out =0)

  • Patti

    Thank you so much for the videos, they are super helpful and simple to understand! I think you did a great job!

  • Blei

    Your website is great!!! Thank you very much for the videos!!! Very helpful!!!!

  • suzanne

    thank you so much for the video’s….I am just getting started and it was great to be able to “see” how it is done…thanks for taking the time to share….

  • June

    Thank you for the ideas. Website is really good in teaching and a wonderful resource. I read from someone who organizes coupons too and she organized them alphabetically rather than by category. She found it easier because coupons and items are brand specific. I.e. Colgate toothpaste would be with the ‘c’s Tyson with the ‘t’s. Any thoughts on that way? I’m getting ready to get started and appreciate that you have more experience in actually doing it.

  • Michele

    Any rough estimate as to how many baseball card holders I’d need to get to make the binder?

    • Lea

      Start with a few. If your coupon collection grows quickly, then you will want to add more pages to it. It can grow as quickly depending on how many coupons you save.

      • Anonymous

        There are a variety of sizes. Personally, I carry pocket pages in these styles, 9, 8, 6, 4 postcard, 4 currency, 3 currency, 2 pocket, & 1 pkt pages.

        I have been using a binder for over 10 years. Yes, I truly love it. I can be reached at


  • Sue

    My husband and I are just getting started and found watching Extreme Couponing overwhelming and weren’t sure how to get started until we saw your site. Thanks so much for sharing!! The videos may have been split in 2, but they were simple and to the point.

  • thao

    How did you get 5 inserts?

    • Warren

      Ask your mail carrier and newspaper deliveryperson to save undistributed coupon inserts for you. Many times they have more inserts than they need, and they could end up giving you dozens extra! Also check where co-workers recycle their unwanted weekend papers. Most people throw out ads & coupons every week. Makes me shudder.

  • Tangela

    Thanks so much for the video, I was stumped with how to organize my coupons, when the sites suggest deals they normally reference the date the inserts were in the paper so I was having a hard to finding the coupon when it is time to match them up. Again great video

  • Rachel Hankinson

    Thank you thank you! Very helpful to us organizationally impaired!

  • Norma

    Great videos!

    For those of you who have coupons that are expiring or you just are not going to use, you can always send coupons to our service men and women overseas. Google the Overseas Coupon Program, they can use your expired coupons up to 6 months after the expiration date! Were all trying to save!

  • Patti

    Great Videos..thanks for taking the time and for sharing your tips. LOVE the organization.

    Questions (read: I’m brand new to coupling):
    1. Do you bring the binder to the grocery store because you routinely find items on sale that you weren’t anticipating? (Looked like you had pulled your coupons for the day’s shopping trip in the individual booklet for the store.)
    2. The individual store booklets – are they filled with register ‘coupons’ for $’s off next trip? If not, what is in them?

  • Kahlilah

    Thank you very much the video was very informative. I now know what to do with the coupons I dont use thank you

  • Amy

    I was glued to your videos & found them very informative. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I can’t wait to apply your tactics to my shopping adventures!

  • Christina

    Great Video, very helpful to a total beginner like me!

  • Darlene

    I can’t seem to find the 9 pocket page protectors! I tried Target, CVS, Walmart, Staples, & Office Depot and I don’t know where else to look….please help!

    • Lee Anne

      I ended up buying them on EBay. I too could not find them in the places you listed. I live an hour from any of those stores so I just ordered from EBAY

  • Dipy

    Thanks Cindy for posting the videos. The information and method helped organize my coupons.

  • Laura

    Thank you for making the video, very helpful. I will use your tab marks. I was just getting started and went to find baseball sleeve holders and ‘BAM’ sold out. This is the next craze. I’m glad someone has figure out the system makes it so easy. Thanks again.

  • shelley

    Well, I am brand new to this. Ihave time on my hands since I am out of work and need to save money wherever I can. Those videos really got the ball rolling and is helping me to organize. thanks

  • Carie

    Hi, Cindy! Thanks so much for such a detailed video. I’ve used coupons just one at a time, but now that my family’s in such a crunch, I have been wanting to do more. I’ve just never had a good organizing/retrieving system so I got frustrated. Now, with your videos and website, I really believe I can do this!!! Thanks again!!

  • I just watched your video on how to organize your binder. It has been a work in process for me. I just learned some more, thank you so much. I like the idea about carrying your binder in a bag, I always feel that the staff is watching me and it’s so large now that it sometimes it becomes very troublesome on how to keep it in the shopping cart.

  • Annabelle

    There is a site called that has a tote that you can put your binder in. I think it only holds the 3″ binder but there is an option to custom make one.
    I havent put together a binder yet because I havent gotten the baseball card insert…the Staples I went to does not carry them. I bought some currency holders that go in a binder. These are nice because they hold the internet coupons perfectly and I dont have to take the time to fold them and they are flat when I take them out to use at the store.
    Thanks for the videos….wonderful help.

  • Annabelle

    A question on your categories…what is “Free” for? BOGO? Or buy one item get another free? Or coupons that double and make an item free? Thanks so much. And about how you look on the video…..awesome!

  • Carli

    Are you buying the same sunday paper or differant ones from diff counties

  • Tami

    I found them at Target upfront by the registers, in a section by card trading….whatever they trade these days.

  • Laura

    Hi all!
    I tried the binder approach, but found it much easier to keep the inserts intact and mark the date of the paper on the front of the insert. This way, when the website says use “x” coupon from “x” insert, I just go to my stack of inserts, pull out all the ones out for the date and clip only the specific coupon I need. This makes the process much faster since you don’t have to thumb through a million clipped coupons! This works well for me and hope maybe some of you will try it!

  • Mary

    Thank you!

  • Mindy

    Hello! As a mother of a 4, 2 & 1 year old you have saved me time and money! I love your site and all that you are doing. Thank you so much!

  • Tanya

    Thank you! I started couponing about two months ago. I am a “system oriented” person and have been trying to find a system that will work for me. After watching your videos, I’m convinced that the binder system will work for me. Currently, I use a file system set up exactly like the binder except I use a plastic tub, which is very bulky. I can’t wait to transfer my coupons to a binder so I can save even more money. :0) Thanks for sharing!

  • Jamie Niver

    Thank you for taking the time to make this site full of great information.

  • Kristen

    I feel like this is a dumb question, but in order to have the 5 inserts, you buy 5 papers? I have one delivered every Sunday…couldn’t I print most of the same ones from and Or am I way off?

    • Cindy

      Not all of the coupons in the inserts are available online.

  • nutmeg

    Thanks for the tips! Really helpful since i’ve had a hard time coming up with how to divide up my coupons. I’ve started with a 1″ binder we had at home and in 6wks am ready to upgrade to a larger size. Already saving alot! I do disagree with not cutting everything right away. I’ve saved a ton on stuff I find in the clearance section of our grocery store that ended up being money makers. If I would not have had those coupons right away then I wouldn’t have scored those deals. Maybe I’ll change my mind later on as I get too many coupons to carry them all….

  • Tina

    Thank you, Cindy. Your videos were a great help. I’m new to the couponing community but I love what I’ve found so far. Keep up the goood work. How do I get the items for free or at little cost? I’ve watched Extreme Couponing and I’m confused as to how they can use more than one coupon for one item. Please provide a tuturial on getting free items. I am aware that you can only use a manufacturer and store coupon together. Thanks again!

  • Miss Ginny

    Hi Cindy,
    First off you did great and look fine. Don’t worry. I want to thank you this was very helpful. It showed the little things that needs to be changed.

  • Jennifer Hamilton

    I am new to couponing, so please excuse my silly question!! You mentioned that you might find out that a Flinstone vitamin coupon from a certain date in the past might make you money at CVS, so you would go back to that file for the coupon. How would you be able to know what date that coupon is from to find it in your files? Thanks for your help!

  • Sherry

    Hi Cindy!
    Thank you so much for the videos. My mom used to be SO organized with her coupons when we were younger (I’m 45 now). I am just starting with couponing and hope that I can do as well as she used to. I love your binder idea. Your videos were GREAT!!! Thanks, again!

  • sheila

    Hi Cindy,
    I would like yo know how often or how you know when to clean out your files with the coupons that you do not cut out. I started couponing in June . Is there a way without looking over each insert again?

    • Cindy

      I keep my inserts for 12 weeks and then rotate them out. When a new one comes in, the oldest goes out

  • does anyone else have trouble with printables scanning

  • Nicole

    I have always wanted to use coupons, but never knew how. your video was very helpful. I hope to become better at this. thank you

  • Shannon

    Where do get Red Plum inserts. Are those solely online or do they typically come in the Sunday papers? I dont recall seeing them in the one I purchased last week. Thank you!

  • You don’t need to lose 15lbs!

  • Gina

    What can I say : I LOVE YOU! You just made my coupon life all the more simple

    SUPER BIG THANKS ..from my family to yours for giving you the time and kindness to teach us especially those of us who are struggling to make ends meet.

    Gina ((HUG))

  • Ms.B

    I am soOOOooOOOoo excited to get started! I am a “beginner”. But in dier need to do this. Young mother of two and spend too much money on household items. I was at tajay and the two ladies in fron of me saved over 30bucks with coupons!!! They inspired me and told me to come here!!! =) So PLEASE take me under your Wing!!!! =)

  • Risa

    Well done. Very helpful.

  • Terri

    I am looking on the “How to organize your coupons, but cannot find the link for the video, the comments are great and I was hoping to view it. Please Help. Thanks

  • Keli Foster

    Thanks so much! Learned a lot! 🙂

  • Angela

    I love your videos! they are very well detailed as is your technique! I am a beginner at coupon clipping I watch the show but they just show off there stockpiles but never really say how they do it you have given me the tools to begin my adventure in this great deal saving time of my life Thank you so much!!

  • Anonymous

    I was wondering what is the best way to make out your store list with your coupons even if you are buying things without a coupon?

  • Angela

    I took into consideration how each person (especially the pro’s) do their organizing and tried several methods until I found what currently works for me. It took a little inventing but here is my method. I took a photobox, like you organize your photos and bought some label tabs and index cards. I organize very specifically because it’s easier for me to find items and speedier. I have possibly 50?? different tabs. It actually looks very good and I find my system neat. It takes a long time to clip but, I think it’s easier and I become more familiar with the coupons as I am clipping them. My only issue, bringing the box into the store. It’s a little bulky. I just sit it in the spot for the kiddos and pile my purse on it so not to look too strange. No one ever thinks anything of it or looks. But, I wish I had something easier to carry in or less noticable! I think the binder would be just as big in size anyway. I often make my list now and just take those in with me in a small filing expandable folder, for easy access and then bring the box in for those improv deals. Anyway, great vid! I think whoever invents the handiest dandiest custom made couponing binder and sells it, will be a millionare overnight!

  • Cathleen

    Thank you SO MUCH. I am determined to learn how to do this. And by the way, you look great whether or not you lose that 15 pounds you think you need to lose!

  • Teressa

    When do you purge, is there a trick you use? It seems all the coupons I see expire within a month.

  • Connie

    I have tried several sizes but always go back to the baseball card size. I have a few of the ones with just three pockets for larger coupons but I find most of the time, the coupons don’t stay in them as well. I tried other sizes and didn’t find them useful at all.

  • suzanne livingston

    i’ve been couponing for 3 months and havent bought a single paper in 2 months…..i originally was going to DOLLAR TREE…they sold the local sunday paper for 1.00 instead of 2.00….then my mother started bringing home the inserts from our church (that was 2 months ago) the following monday i stopped by the local gas station to gas up the car and noticed a PILE of papers at the back of the building…spoke to the owner and asked if i could take the sunday papers that were left over from the previous day….she was happy for me to take them….meant they didnt need to run them to the recycling center….came away that week with 15 FREE papers with ALL inserts inside….been doing that ever since…..i usually have around 30 of each coupon and my mother has the same amount…..we are a couponing team…..been saving around 75% so far looking to save more.

  • Linda

    I just switched from a typical accordion-style coupon holder to a clear organizer box I got from Ikea. I originally bought it for my son to sort his Magic the Gathering cards, but he never used it. i don’t know if they still sell it, but if they do, it is style GLIS measures 13 3/8″ x 8 1/4″ x 3 1/8″. It has clear dividers to put in to create the small sections that most coupons fit into w/out having to fold them. I sort by areas of the store layouts I shop most frequently.

    It makes it so much easier to check for a coupon on an item I find on clearance or on manger’s special not in the ad and all ready to go. The box fits perfectly in the seat area of the cart. I can keep closed unless needed so it does not get in the way and more easy to manage than a binder. When I have multiple copies of the same coupons, I paper clip them together while filed.

  • Hi Cindy,
    Thank you so much for the helpful videos; I can’t wait to get started. I have the same question as Teressa, regarding tossing old coupons. Is there some sort of efficient method for getting rid of expired coupons?

  • nadine

    This was very helpful thank you! I am just starting out couponing and can use all of the advice I can get! 🙂

  • Summer

    I would like to know how you keep track of when a coupon will expire?

  • Connie

    As far as expiring goes, I have tried to just pull the ones listed on Cindy’s site, but for me, that doesn’t seem to work. I take the binders, I have two, and put them on the coffee table in the evening when we are all watching TV. I just go through and check them all. It normally takes me less than an hour.

    I also find this is a great activity to do when I am at the doctor’s office, or waiting to have work done on my car. The time isn’t wasted. Yesterday my car needed its 45,000 mile maintenance done. I was told it would take about two hours but it took four. They have a computer there for customer use. I started out checking around for deals I had missed during the week. Then I got rid of all expired coupons. I brought my stapler and sizzors and sat and clipped and filed coupons the entire time. I never ran out of things to do and now my book is up to date for a bit.

  • Michelle

    Thanks for doing this! I am just getting into couponing and this was very helpful! 🙂

  • Sara

    Thanks for sharing these videos! I am brand new at this so please forgive me, but I have a question regarding the information you keep for specific stores (Target, CVS, etc.)…can you tell me what this is again? In the video you spoke of not needing Flintstones vitamins for your personal needs, but keeping the coupons in case they could make you money somewhere else…can you explain this to me?

  • Rosemery

    Hi Cindy i just start coupon a few months ago, a i just saw you videos realllyyy helpful with the blind because i”m been using a little wallet and sometimes i can’t find what i need. God Bless you. I just sign up for yours emails and help me a lot thanks .

  • Summer

    Please tell me what i can do about when i click on a link and the coupon isn’t there? i use to make my grocery list, have been doing this for years, however when i click on something it takes me to the manufacturers website where the coupon cannot be found.
    Also, it takes me to the site where there are A, B and C category coupons. sometimes the coupon doesn’t exist on the list i am sent to.
    Has this ever happened to anyone? How can i fix this?

  • Yvonne

    Do the tabs come on the baseball card sheets? If not, is it a separate sheet that you use? Are they just tabs that you attach to the baseball sheets? Thanks!

    • Pamela

      My tabs did not come on the sheets, I use write on tabs that you can just stick onto the sheets. They are by Avery and very easy to use.

  • Crystal

    Thank you it was very useful,I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong and now I know! Plus you didn’t need to lose 15 lbs. Lol you look great. I wish I looked that good,thanks again .

  • dave – stroudsburg pa

    i started a binder,,,, i bought these divider from big lots in east stroudsburg pa,,,, and i had tabs in it,,, and then i put 3 base ball sheets in between them,,,, so i have room for 18 differen coupons,,,,,and one else near stroudsburg that might want to get together and talk coupons,,,,

    • Debbie East Stroudsburg, PA

      hey Dave nice to see someone local. I also got my tabs at big lots ($1.00 ea pack) I also have a binder, it kind of looks like the lady in the video. Good Luck with your couponing. 🙂

  • Phyllis

    How do you remember expiration dates? I get very upset with myself when I miss an expiration date on something I really wanted to use.

  • Kelsey

    I am not sure of how to get my binder separated now that I’ve only separated it by weeks. I have a lot of cutting and my smart source’s are never the same so i can’t just stack and cut.
    Also, what would go in the “Free” category? BOGO coupons?

  • Yvonne

    Wow!!! You have SAVED me. I am new to couponing and just started last month. And I am so OVERWELMED with all my coupon inserts. I am definitely going to follow your steps this evening. I have been on so many websites and you are the only website that I found that actually shows you how to clip and organize coupons. Thank you for sharing!!!

  • Barbara

    I am wondering how you make money from using coupons?When I use to work at grocery store, about a few yrs ago ,the stores policy was if the coupon was to end up giving the customer money back we were not allowed to do so thy were only entittled to getting the item for free.

    • Dezi

      Hey! A lady on the show “Extreme Couponing” ran into a similar situation, the store owed her 4 dollars, I believe it was, she just went and grabbed something worth a little less than that amount and got that item for free. Not sure if that’s how it works exactly but that’s what I took from it ! LOL

  • Sarah

    Where is the video??

  • Shannon F.

    Greetings. I’m having a hard time deciding how to organize the coupons that I know I won’t use right away or don’t typically buy the product but like to keep the inserts (in a clear pouch) to reference later if I see a good deal on an item. Any suggestions? Do some of you keep them organized by week? Put them in a separate binder, etc? (I do tend to clip for my friends and coworkers when I find coupons I for sure won’t use, like for diapers, allergy meds etc)…I’m also wondering if anyone has suggestions for additional categories for their binder. Thank you for any assistance!

  • Karen C

    I am so backwards. Originally I started with Cindy’s method, because that was how it was taught to me, and then someone told me that keeping them all in the inserts was easier, and just finding them when going shopping was better.
    Let me tell you, do it Cindy’s way. I haven’t found anything that Cindy says to be wrong and I have been couponing for about 2 years now. When I switched to the secondary method, I basically stopped couponing. The pile of inserts that I have is enormous and most likely a lot of the coupons have expired by now and it’s very difficult for my mom to get on this site and search for what she wants to buy. When I have a little bit of time, I am going to start going back to my originial way of couponing (Cindy’s method) and get back on track to saving boatloads of money.

    Thanks Cindy!!!

  • leigh

    i just wanted to say im so excited to learn .i think ur video was great n is going to be a big help to me.i really need to learn all i is so hard to buy food n all other things you need to.i am so thankful a very nice lady over heard my friend n i talking about coupons and told us about this site and how she has saved and so on.a pay it forward if you would as i sure will to friends.

  • tracet

    you can find the basebal cards at target for 4.99 pack of 35. if you bough Mio last week = free

  • Jessie

    I’m wanting to begin couponing but am having a hard time starting since we don’t have the money for a Sunday paper. I’m trying other sources for now though and your site has been really informative. My question is, how do you organize your coupons if they’ll go in multiple categories? (i.e. frozen sausage biscuits that could be put in frozen or breakfast) When I was helping my mom with her coupons growing up, this was a hold up for us. We would put it in one, then look in the other when it was time to find it resulting in it not being used.

    • Tami

      frozen to me is all frozen no matter what…Cause they are in the same aisle. Breakfast was all items in the cereal aisle. It was easier for me to do it this way. So Dairy would include bread cause that is where my bread aisle is my store. What ever makes it easier.

      • Christina

        I have my binder broke down by isle and item

        for example frozen breakfast; frozen breads; frozen meals; frozen snack (hot pockets, etc);Frozen fruit & veggies and potato; frozen pizza; frozen meat; & frozen dessert

        I know it seems like a lot of pages to use but its much easier to access like items instead of flipping through several pages of frozen foods to when its usually split up in different isles.

        PS I use photo inserts for a album to organize, they are bigger so the longer wider coupons fit, they are studdier so you can fit 10 of each coupon on each side without it splitting or ripping your coupons, and I got them at a thrift shop 28 pages of 4 for $2!

  • Kristin

    Hi Cindy,
    Just wanted to say thanks for the videos, they are very helpful! And you do a great job, keep up the good work!

  • Tiara

    I looked on the store websites and noticed there were no baseball card holders.

    • Anonymous

      Walmart usually has them near the registers 🙂

  • Heather

    Can you use the coupons at any store unless noted specifically for a certain store. I shop at Wal-Mart A LOT. . .so I wasn’t sure if they were only for certain stores. I am compelely new to couponing, so I trying to figure this thing out and find what will work best for me and my family. Thanks!!

  • Felica

    Hi there – I realize this is an old post, but I’m new to the site and just saw this. What type of “booklets” are you using for your store cards, catalinas, etc.? They look similar to small photo books, but I’ve been looking for something similar to that myself, and this was the first time I’ve seen a website that also uses them in conjunction with their binder! Great minds LOL.

  • I found my baseball card inserts at Walmart in the binders aisle. Good to know they have them at Big Lots and Target for good prices. I went to K-mart and 2 packs of 10 were 14 dollars! I left and went to Walmart it was much better price. We need coupons for inserts haha.

    As for a binder I have found that for 10 dollars and some change the Soft Binder at Walmart with several pockets inside (I can even fit my Macbook, cell phone, and wallet in there) is a great choice. I’m a beginner and just spent the entire evening last night sorting and clipping. I’m so excited!

    Happy Clipping!

  • Ellie

    i think the fact that you take time out to contribute is brilliant! and i think it’s cute that you told people “be nice :D”

    i’m not blowing smoke up your bum but, i think you look fabulous.. nevermind 15lbs. (well, it’s only in YOUR head if that’s a goal that’ll make you happy that you’ve achieved. if it’s happiness you’re pursuing, then go for it!)

    thank you so so much. i’m director of my first household/kitchen/diy design space w/ my fiancé and he’s just as excited to $ave as much as me. it’ll be a game (plus, we’re giddy ourselves to see how much common.sense+planning pays off for us in order to save for our first fixer’upper 🙂

    we shall rent no more.
    thanx again, love!

    ps: i do think it’s great that your site is a conservative approach to “extreme couponing” (as my and i enjoy living life a lit’l too much that neither he nor i would ever take “couponing” on as a second.job.. or OCD to the “extreme” that we don’t live. it’s a brilliantly balanced site/lifestyle you’re encouraging! especially the “giving back” intentions. so easy to give+take 😉

  • Roy

    To double your storage space in your binder for coupons, I suggest you cut a piece of “colorful paper” the size of your baseball card slots/pockets. Place the paper in each of the pockets and then put coupons on both sides of the colored paper in the same pocket. You will be able to see the different coupons from both sides as you flip the pages. It is a little difficult getting the coupons out of the “back” portion of the pocket, but with persistence it becomes easy. Hope this helps.

  • Megan Kearney

    how do you know before you leave the house if an item is going to get you money back?

  • Jodi

    I’ve been to a few couponing sites to see how they organize their coupons & This is so far the best one that I’ve seen. I like the divider tabs & how you’ve labeled them. I’m going to do it the same way. I like how you use the baseball card dividers although I don’t like folding my coupons so I bought the “currency transparent dividers” They’re longer which will fit the bigger coupons. Thank you so much for your help!

  • bstevens

    I love your videos. I now organize my coupons like you do. It is so much fun. I hardly ever go without my book to the store, unless it is a spur of the moment trip, and i always use coupons for what I am getting.

    I thought I wouldn’t need a huge binder to start with but I have realized in about a month time I need a much bigger book. So I will be getting one for my self as a early Christmas gift..

    And next Sunday I will be holding a class on how to coupon, clip, organize, and how to find the best deals. All thanks to you…I learned from watching you and now i get to share it with my family and friends. Thank You SOOO Much!!!

  • Leah

    As far as printable coupons go…do you go through and print everything you think you will like just in case they become unavailable? Or do you wait until there is a good deal on something and just print it as needed?

    • DianeG

      Leah, Don’t wait until there is a good deal, they will be gone! My rule of thumb is to print any coupon that is a regular item I buy, ones that I know are high value and I might buy, ones that come out and on a regular cycle – every so many weeks, and of course ones that match up with e-coupons that are out. Generally, printables that are on linked to Facebook are gone in a flash, manufacturers that don’t put out coupons on a regular basis go pretty quickly too. Everyone does it a little differently. When I started, I printed much more and threw them out, once I figured out the local cycles of sales and coupons vs my usage, I printed a lot less. – ‘hope that helps –

      • Spoken like a pro! Only thing I would had to that great list of tips is if the coupon is for a new product. Usually there are deals for new products that will get these products for FREE or super cheap as they want to get them into your home.

  • Sheana

    So I have a small question about the coupons, I am new to this. So can multiple coupons be used for the same product?

    • Rocky

      Not multiple manufacturer’s coupons (only one per item, always), but, you can use one manufacturer’s coupon and one ‘store’ (like ShopRite) coupon together, for one item, if there happens to be a store coupon for that particular product.

  • Tiffany H

    I am totally new… You said “makes you money” man I have a lot to learn!

  • Christine Morris

    I loved the videos. You are very funny, clear, concise, and plain adorable. Thanks for your help.

  • Cheryl

    I don’t understand the date filing and how you know to go back to that date when a sale starts. How do you know to go back to a specific date? Could someone please further explain that to me?

  • Michael

    Thank you for these videos, they were great! Not sure where you are from, but your accent makes me miss NJ (now that I am in NC). Just started couponing a couple weeks ago and it’s a total high for me. Was at Harris Teeter and got 3 tubes of tooth paste and 2 bottles of Pantene shampoo for $0.22! Couldn’t be happier.

    Thanks again!

  • T

    Where I’d the video

  • Thank you!

  • Amanda Purdy

    I see no video or link

  • Charlotte Hess

    I have no volume on the video, I am not having trouble any other site. Is it me?

    • Sandy

      Worked fine on my Mac just now

  • Kimberly Rees

    Awesome job thank you

  • Elena

    Where is that video at

    • cam

      there are two youtube videos within the post. maybe your adblock is blocking them?

  • tsh85

    Coupons expire so quick these days, it’s not even worth organizing them anymore. Back in the day when coupons had no expiration date, or lasted for months, I would have folders full of them. Now most of them expire in 2-4 weeks. By the time I use them, half of them are already expired.

  • Alexis


    My name is Alexis I am new to couponing. my question is.. is there a printer that would help save on ink, paper or that you suggest when couponing? The reason I ask is because I am a assistant and I go through a lot of paper and ink already.

    • Lisa McIntyre

      Hi Alexis, you could change your settings to draft…it uses less ink or change settings to black and white print. I only print the occasional coupon. Not sure where you live but I went in to my local deli that sells the Sunday papers and asked him if I could have any leftovers if I picked them up Monday mornings. He was happy to let me have them because all he needs is the front page to get credit and he doesn’t have to worry about recycling them. I get three major NY papers from him and never less than 10.

    • Michelle T.

      The Brother black and white laser printer is great.
      https://www (dot) staples (dot) com/Brother-HL-L2360DW-Mono-Laser-Printer-Refurbished/product_1713579?cid=PS:GooglePLAs:1713579&ci_src=17588969&ci_sku=1713579&KPID=1713579&
      Wifi is better, so you can print from any wifi device: phone, laptop, ipad, etc. Coupons are acceptable in black and white, no need to print in color. You can get off brand toner cartridges cheap on Amazon. I have a Canon like this, but my phone and iPad do not connect to it, so I would recommend the Brother. Luckily, we have a nice Brother printer in my husband’s home office, so the Canon works for me.

    • Laura D.

      You can also get free paper at Staples (after coupon and rebate) regularly throughout the year. Sign up for their emails for coupons which usually get delivered on Mondays. Also sign up for their texts and get $5 off your purchase of $25. Paper and inks and printer costs should be minimal.

    • Laura D.

      Here you go Alexis, 4 reams of paper for $0.04 plus tax.
      Print the coupons – (4) of the single ream paper and use them at checkout!
      Here is a direct link to the printer Michelle is talking about

      I have this printer, bought it for $59.99 and paid for it with Staples rewards

      There are cheaper printers but you will have to research them for your needs. Also, school sales will be coming soon, so you may want to wait for a 50%off sale.

      • Michelle T.

        Thanks for posting the links, Laura! You’re awesome 🙂

        • Laura D.

          You’re welcome Michelle! I was kind of surprised your link didn’t come through, only 4 characters are orange. It’s a mystery, lol. 🙂