My Super Meat & Cheese Shopping Trip

As usual, you all get to come into my kitchen and see what I bought this week.  I was going to stop posting them, thinking it was boring people, but I got so many emails asking me to keep them coming.  So, here ya go.

This weekend was actually pretty much a, gotta buy some meat, weekend.  I was really low on meat and needed to stock up on that as well as a few more non coupon items.  The great thing about the timing of this, was that I had $25 in rebate and catalina money to use from previous shopping trips.  So, it was like a big coupon 🙂
I needed to make a trip to Costco to pick up some items I get there often, like the romaine lettuce ($2.99 for a 6 pk), the Crystal Light (we drink it non stop), and picked up milk, eggs, a various other items.  Remember when you shop at places like Costco to be very careful.  Don’t let yourself get sucked into the “deals” they have.

Here I plunked down $40.79 and that included a roasted chicken which we had for dinner.Stopped at Pathmark to try out that Kraft catalina deal and it worked great.  Also used that $2.oo Post cereal coupon that just came out to score free cereal.  Love Free!  Always check the meat department for the managers special meats.  Picked up 2 packages of Italian Turkey Sausage for only $1.99 each.

Here I spent $.85 for $54.65 worth of groceries after using a $10 rebate & a $10 catalina.  And I got back a $5.00 catalina from the Kraft cheese.At ShopRite, I went just for some freebies, the Scrubbing Bubbles so I could submit my second SC Johnson rebate, and the meat that was on sale.  I’ll stop back there on Saturday to get more meat and take advantage of more of this weeks great deals.  Here I spent $22.63 for $57.25 worth of groceries after using a $5.00 catalina.  And then, I couldn’t resist to go back to Pathmark to get more cheese.  While I was there I tried the sour cream and that did not print a catalina, however, I only paid $1.00 for all 5 so no big deal.  Now I’ve got to find some good recipes with sour cream 🙂

Here I spent $3.90 for $27.90 worth of groceries after using a $5.00.  There would never be a day I would spend that much on that little.  Yikes!!

Total spent: $68.17 and have a $5.00 catalina and have enough meat for about 10 meals!

How was your shopping trip this week?

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  • Wow! Great trips!
    I love the shopping posts.

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  • Donna

    Hi Cindy, Was looking for the Sour Cream Apple Pie recipe my sister gave me years ago, but could not come across it. So, I looked it up online and found a bunch, all with slight variations. I think these are pretty close. For speediness, I use the ready crust.
    You can Google for the others…. Good luck!

    • Cindy

      @Donna, Donna, you are awesome. Thank you. I’m am making up one of these to use up my sour cream! I also heard if you store it upside down it lasts longer. I might just be able to try that experiment out this time. Thanks a bunch! 🙂

      • Donna

        @Cindy, No problem! In looking at the recipes, the Amish one looks closest to the one I make. Very, very simple. If it comes out good, send one my way (or at least take pictures!) Have fun!

  • holi

    I finally was able to participate in a cheese deal….. We do not have double coupons either. I ended up with 20 packages of cream cheese & 12lbs or 24 packages, of block/shredded cheese. I paid 0 for the cream cheese with the catalina popping out. And about $3 for the cheese, only because I bought a couple of the wrapper cheeses. Otherwise with the catlina I would have made 75 cents an order. So, really everything was free. Now, if I could just get toilet paper free….. 🙂