Question & Answer: Coupon Organization

Since I did the Coupon Organization Video there were a few very good question that were asked.  I want to make sure that I answered them.  If I missed your question please let me know and I’ll be sure to answer it.

Q.  How long does it take you in an average week to organize the coupons?
I would say it takes about 4 hours each week to sort, cut, and insert all the new coupons and remove all the expires coupons (more on that).  Plus make up my shopping lists and prepare my coupons for my shopping trip. As well as visit extra stores to get all the best deals instead of the 1 store I used to shop at.  I save around $200 each week in groceries from what I used to spend.  That equals out to $50 an hour.  Not a bad deal in my book.  Beats working a part time job.

Note: This is for my level of couponing where I save more than 75% each week.  There are all levels so please don’t feel like it’s this way or nothing.  Saving $20 each week for a little effort is a savings of over $1000 a year.  Which is great!!

Q. How do you keep track of all the coupons that expire?
My goal is to sit down once a week while I’m watching TV and pull coupons that have expired.  I don’t always have the time to sit down so I do get backed up but it really doesn’t take long to flip through and do it if you keep up with it.  Plus, a lot of the coupons tend to expire around the same time.  For instance, a whole bunch just expired on 12/31 so I was more careful to watch for the date as there were a lot of them.  Sometimes there are not that many to pull
Q. I have a bunch of coupons from different inserts mixed all together.  What do I do with them?
They all go in the binder.  That is the beauty of the binder vs. keeping the inserts whole.  You clip them and insert them and then when you are ready to shop it’s such a breeze.  Also, internet printed coupons, blinkies, peelies, everything goes in the binder.
Q. Where can I get baseball card holders at a cheap price?
I search and search and the cheapest I could find was at Amazon.  100 sheets for $18.49 shipped.  Other places had them cheaper but the shipping made it more money.  That is much cheaper then I paid.  I have about 75 sheets in my binder so you would be all set.
Have a question?  Post a comment and I’ll be sure to answer.  Or maybe even another reader  may have an answer for you.
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