Rebate: Pepsi, Tostitos, Coors Light

Get ready for some football & some savings with these Coors Light rebates. Get $15 by mail when you buy $30 of Tostitos Chips, Dips, Pepsi, Condiments, Plastic Cups, Ice, Paper Plates, and/or Deli items. Or spend $20 and get back $10

Also, for the following states, AL, AR, CT, HI, KY, LA, ME, MN, MO, NC, NJ, NY, SD, UT, VA, VT and WV, no alcoholic beverage purchase is required. The rebates require the purchase of the same items above without the Coors Light. They are buy $30 get $10 and buy $20 get $7.50.

None of these purchases have to be on the same receipt but they must be purchased between 12/11/09 – 2/8/10. So if you save your receipts, like I do, look through them and find any of these items and submit. I bet in the last month you have purchased a bunch of these items that add up to the qualifying amount. It’s like free money 🙂

(Thanks Jeri!)

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  • Denise

    do you know if Gatorade is a Pepsi product? Thank you for your help. Love this site!!

    • Cindy

      @Denise, Hey Denise, I think Gatorade is a Pepsi product but I believe the rebate is only for Pepsi carbonated drinks which would just be the sodas.

  • jen

    What about Dr. Pepper or Sierra Mist? Would they qualify?

    • Cindy

      @jen, I would imagine they should as they are Pepsi products and carbonated.

      • jen

        Thanks Cindy!

  • Lisa Fischer

    Do you think I could do two of the rebates? The $10 one & the $7.50 one…as long as I have different receipts and purchased $50 worth of the products?

    • Cindy

      @Lisa Fischer, That is a good question, I was wondering that myself. I don’t have a definite answer right now but I’ll see if I can find out. I’m very curious myself.

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  • marcia

    I’m trying two!

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  • Kris

    Do the brands of the paper goods and the condiments matter? I’ve been loading up at ShopRite this week on the French’s and the RedHot Buffalo sauce. Would they count too?

    As for deli items, is that just for cold cuts and cheeses from the deli counter?

    • Cindy

      @Kris, Hi Kris, the brands of paper goods & condiments do not matter. The stuff you bought should work fine. As far as deli items, I would say that only the items from the deli counter would work.

  • Chris

    With regards to the 4th Coors Rebate, is the purchase amount of “$20 worth” referring to the shelf price or the actual cost? For example, 4 Pepsi 12-pack and 2 bags of Tostitos have a shelf prive of $21.40 this week, but an actual cost of $9.00.

    • Cindy

      @Chris, if the shelf price is listed on your receipt next to the description then you should be able to use the shelf price. Just circle that price & description. I have done that before and they have accepted it. In my experience they are not looking at coupons or store card discounts.

  • Chris

    Wow! Thanks for the prompt reply!

    • Cindy

      @Chris, Your welcome. I’m always on at night so if you have a question, night time is the time to ask 🙂

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  • laura

    I can’t seem to get the link for this to work anymore! I wanted to run out and get the rest of what I need to fill this out TODAY since it’s the last day to purchase and I can’t print the rebate form. Where did it go?

  • Judi

    I cannot locate the rebate form either. I should have printed it earlier, but since I didn’t . ..

  • Cindy

    Hi Guys, I know you are trying to find the rebate form and I’m having trouble finding anyone with it. I am still looking though.

  • i need the rebate form also! i can’t believe i didn’t save a copy on my desktop or print it 🙁 let us know if you have any luck, cindy!!!!!!

  • Chris


    Do you have a copy of the form that you could email me


    • Ann

      @Chris, Cindy, Were you able to find a copy?

  • Ann

    Could anyone send a copy to me? Looking for the non beer versions.


  • Kelly

    I’m trying to find the $10 one also! If anyone finds it, can you email it to


  • i have been searching for days and finally found a pdf of the rebate form!!!!!! check out this link –

    and look at the post by amarisa to download. so happy to finally track this down!!!!!!

    • Cindy

      @laurie, Laurie, woohoo! Great find. A lot of readers will be very happy.