ShopRite: Cheap Angel Soft Starting Sunday 1/31

Update:  It appears that this coupon will not work on the sale item.  Thanks to the sharp eye of reader Marlene, she noticed that the 12 pack that is on sale is not a double roll pack.  Originally, when I had posted this, I had checked my ShopRite and they did not have a 12 pack in anything but a double roll so I assumed that this would be the one on sale.  When Marlene brought this to my attention I searched other stores and found that they, in fact, do have 12 packs that are not double rolls, my store does not.  So, unfortunately, this coupon will not work.  Sorry, guys…I too was looking forward to cheap TP.

Attention ShopRite shoppers: Get your coupons ready.  Print these $1/1 Angel Soft Coupons (zip code: 90210) to score cheap TP starting on Sunday. Here is the deal:

Angel Soft Bath Tissue 12 pack $2.24
$1/1 Printable (zip code: 90210)
Final Price: $1.24 <—-stockpile price for sure

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  • Jenine

    You can also print one from this site too…

    But you have to register!

  • Dawn

    Cause in the zip code 90210 they are all in need of some cheap toilet paper….LOL

    • Cindy

      @Dawn, that was funny! Thanks for sharing a laugh LOL

  • Marlene

    The $1 off coupon states that it is for “any One (1) 12-Double Roll or Larger package of Angel Soft Toilet Paper”. The Shoprite sale flyer says that the price of $2.24 is for a Double Rolls 6-Pack or 12-PK. (Not a 12-Roll Double PK.). Doesn’t that mean the coupon isn’t going to work?

    • Cindy

      @Marlene, Hey Marlene, Well, I’m not sure. I saw double roll and 12 pack and I assumed that the 12 pack was a double roll. But, you may be correct. Do they sell Angel Soft as single rolls? I was under the impression that all of Angel Soft tissues were double roll. When I went on the ShopRite website it only showed a 12 pack as a double roll and it’s only showing the 6 count as being on sale which is not what the circular says. So my answer is….I have no clue now. We will have to look into this further. Thanks for your keen eye.

      • Cindy

        @Cindy, I just searched on other stores and it does appear that there is a 12 ct that is not a double roll. So most likely the coupon will not work. What a bummer, I was looking forward to cheap TP

  • Marlene

    I wish I was wrong. Sorry for the bad news.

    • Cindy

      @Marlene, I wish you were wrong too …LOL. But thanks for catching that. I appreciate it. 🙂