ShopRite: Go For The Gold Rebate Deal

Update:  Thanks to reader, Nancy, for letting me know that the qualifying price is working on shelf price.  Which mean that it is the price before the Price Plus card takes off the amount that is shown in the circular.  For instance, The Tide 2X liquid laundry detergent is priced at $15.99 after a $5.00 price plus deduction.  Which means it’s really $20.99 that you would use to qualify for the $50 even though you are only paying $15.99.  So if you use the pre-Price Plus price you can really get a great deal.  I have not done this deal yet so I personally can not tell you it’s working but others have and that is what has been reported.

This is the second week of the Go For The Gold Rebate at ShopRite.  This week, ShopRite is also offering an additional $10 Catalina good on your next purchase when you buy $50 of qualifying products.  The Go For The Gold $10 Visa Prepaid Card is on a purchase of $25.  There are a lot of Proctor & Gamble items included in the deal.  I have worked out the best deal I could find however there may be items included that you may want to make a deal out of for yourself.  You can find most of these coupons from the 12/27 or 1/17 Proctor & Gamble inserts.  Here is the best deal I found:

Bounce Dryer Bar $3.99
$1.50/1 from the 1/3 Smart Source

Tide Stain Release $5.99
$3/1 from the 1/10 Red Plum

Tide to Go Stain Remover $2.79
$1/1 from the 12/27 PG

Deal Idea:
Buy 4 Bounce Dryer Bars $15.96
Buy 4 Tide Stain Release $23.96
Buy 4 Tide To Go Stain Remover $11.16

Total: $51.08
-(4)$1.50/1 Bounce coupon
-(4)$3/1 Stain Release coupon
-(4)$1/1 Tide To Go coupon

Pay: $29.08 OOP
Get a $10 ShopRite catalin
Get a $10 Prepaid Visa Car
Final Price: $9.08 for all or just $.76 for each item

Note: If you submitted for this rebate already with the Pantene you can not submit again. Also, your rebate form will print out of the catalina machine at the end of your transaction.

Here are some retail prices for you to use:

  • Charmin $9.08 ($13.98)
  • Bounty $14.97 ($20.97)
  • Febreze Noticeables $11.98 ($13.98)

(Thanks Kristi!)

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  • Susan Z

    Thanks, Cindy! Every single penny counts, so thanks for working out the best way to save…that’s the hard part :)…

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Cindy! I called my Shop Rite and they said you can do the P & G deal again because it is a different sale…different promotional dates….I tried calling the customer service number for P & G but couldn’t get through…Will we still get the catalina even if we cant get the rebate??

    • Cindy

      @, You will still get the catalina even if you can’t do the visa rebate again because like shoprite said it’s a different deal. Most likely you won’t get the Visa card rebate because I believe it’s working on the same P&G group of products. I tried to call today as well and didn’t get through. Let me know if you have success before i do. Thanks a bunch!

      • Sandy

        Hi – I just spoke to Debbie at P & G – she states that only 1 $10.00 Visa Prepaid Card is allowed per household. So if you submitted your receipts last week to P & G you can not do it this week.

        • Cindy

          @Sandy, Hey Sandy, Thanks so much for your great detective work. That is what I suspected but I’m so happy to have that confirmed. You can still get the catalina & like Terri said below, don’t forget to check your Baby bucks you can get a catalina from that too if you are close. Thanks again!!

  • nancy

    It is said on SD that the deal is based on shelf price not sale price, so you could probably buy less to make the deal work.

    • Cindy

      @nancy, Hey Nancy, now that’s a first for ShopRite. That would be awesome to be off shelf price. Thanks for letting us know.

  • Terri

    Don’t forget about Baby Bucks! The cycle ends this Sun, Jan 30th, so if you are close, like me, a box or two of Pampers & some wipes may qualify you for another Shoprite $10 catalina IN ADDITION TO the P&G promotion. Double your savings, and it’s stuff you would use anyway if you have a baby, or as a baby shower gift!