Super Savings Shopping Trip – Saved 73%

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Wow, what a blurry picture.  Sorry!  Honest truth, I went to ShopRite yesterday and so much has happened this weekend that I don’t remember too much about it.  Wow, am I getting old.  I do know that they were out of Nature’s Pride bread (the free one) and I couldn’t get a rain check because it wasn’t advertised.  Ugh!  Hate that.  But my total came to $17.88 for $61.17 worth of groceries.  There is $7.00 worth of deli meat in there that my kids love to eat so that took up a chunk of the $17.  Is it time for them to go back to school yet?  Just kidding kids!  Love ya 🙂

On Sunday night, pretty late, my son and I went to Pathmark.  I was trying to do 2 of the 10 for $.77 each deals and somehow the second one got all messed up.  I had Hefty coupons out instead of Solo coupons.  Told ya I was getting old.  Can’t see either.  Anyway, it really wasn’t so bad as I paid $33.88 for $125.42 worth of groceries with a turkey breast included.

For the 2 stores I paid $51.76 for $186.59 worth of groceries so who can really complain.  Not me!!

My husband and daughter also ran to Costco for me because we needed olive oil.  I like to get the big container from there.  And, low and behold, they finally had the romaine lettuce (5 for $3.99) which is an awesome price.  Being on my new diet I really needed it.  There we spent around $22.00.

Total spent for the week $73.76. Higher then I have been but I got a lot of stuff and I’ve had a house full for 2 solid weeks.  I do still want to try to get to A&P for the triple sale but I’m hoping to not spend more then a couple of dollars there.  We’ll see if I get there or not.