Super Tostitos Shopping Trip

Well I’m changed it up a bit this weekend.  It wasn’t my normal stops because I was so excited about all the great Tostitos deals going on.  And, with that Pepsi/Tostitos rebate coming to an end on 2/8, I wanted to make sure I made my qualifying amount.

This trip was to CVS but it was last weeks deal as I went on Saturday.  Here I spent $4.83 out of pocket for $31.34 worth of groceries.  I used a $6.00 ECB to pay as well and received a $10 ECB for the purchase.

Then I went to ShopRite and picked up another pork roast and other free and cheap goodies.  Here I spent $19.80 for $46.76 worth of groceries

And no you are not seeing things, there are more Tostitos.  This time I took advantage of the Target deal going on.  Here I spent $8.74 for $22.40 worth of groceries.  I will be going back before the week is over for more.

And lastly, Pathmark, where I could not get the cheap ground beef that was on sale.  All gone.  So I will have to stop back during the week.  But, I did score 2 very large packages of boneless chicken on managers special.  I got 9 lbs for $13.74 which comes out to only $1.53 per lb.  Nice deal!

Plus, the popcorn was part of the ConAgra deal and I received a $5.00 catalina for that.

Total spent $22.04 out of pocket after using a $5.00 from last weeks Kraft deal.  Amount of groceries was $52.54 and I also have another $5.00 catalina for next week.

Summary so far for the week: $55.41 for $153.04 worth of groceries.  I will be stopping at Pathmark & Target so I will most likely spend another $20 on more Tostitos & a couple 3 lb packs of ground beef.

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  • Barbara Johnson

    What’s a $5.00 catalina????

    Thanks, Barbara

    • Cindy

      @Barbara Johnson, a catalina is a coupon that prints out of the machine that is next to the cash register. It prints when you reach a qualifying purchase amount. In this case it was for ConAgra brand foods when you spend $20.

  • Siri

    Will you and your family really eat all of those chips before they go bad? That’s a LOT of chips, deal or not…

    • Cindy

      @Siri, We sure will. I have a 17 year old who eats them for snacks with cheese melted on them and so does my husband. And don’t forget, with teenagers comes more teenagers. Plus the date on the bag is the end of March. Most likely they’ll be asking for more before then. 🙂

  • Melissa

    Not sure is this was posted already on the site, but Will the Tostitos/Pepsi rebate deal work off of shelf prices?

    • Cindy

      @Melissa, yes as long as your receipt shows the shelf price next to the name of the product you can use the shelf price

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