We Freshened Up A Bit

We’ve been busy improving things around here.  You might have clicked in yesterday and thought we left.  Nope, still here.  Made some improvements. You’ll notice a few different things.

  • The site is wider.  Yay, always wanted that.
  • It’s a bit cleaner looking.
  • The comment section is much easier to see & use. This way you can all interact on the site.  Leave tips, finds, questions or even answer other comments if I haven’t gotten to it yet.  There is even a place to reply to another comment.
  • To send me an email you can just click the “Contact” tab on the menu bar and quickly fill out the form.
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  • Love the new look!

    Looks fantabulous!

  • Looks great! Easy to navigate and love the clean look!

  • Tiffany

    Looks great! Cindy will you be at Bliss?

  • Susan C. in NY

    Love the new improved site, especially the changes you made to the comments–now they are easy to find and see.

    A new blog for a new year!


    • nicole

      i aree!

      • nicole


  • Melissa

    Looks great Cindy!

  • Rosanne

    Your site looks great. Congratulations on your new updated look!

  • nicole

    congrats. i LOVE IT. it even saves your names. it makes commenting so much more easier i used to hate to make a comment. ill be commenting much more now. your site looks amazing.