Week 1 On Our Weight Loss Mission

Okay my dieting companions, how are we doing? It’s been one week for some of us. Are you still going strong? Are you falling off the wagon?

I teetered a little the last couple of days. I think it was mostly because of the craziness involved with moving over the site to the new hosting service. I wanted to just eat a whole bag of potato chips. But, instead, the worst that happened is that I just didn’t keep track of my Weight Watcher points online but rather in my head. Not such a great idea but I don’t think I did any harm.

All said, I lost a total of 4 lbs. for the week. Whoot! I feel a lot better and my clothes fit a little less snug. Yay! But I have to get back to keeping track of my points better because that will keep me focused.

I’m still taking the advise of others and eating more protein and drinking lots of water.

So enough about me, how are you guys doing? Time to check in and face the music!! Come on lets hear it. Don’t leave me now….

Ready to join us?  We love company.

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  • Betty

    I guess I’ll step up to the plate and fess up that I only lost one pound. I still feel good about myself though. I mall walked everyday this week for 30 minutes, and went to the gym again this morning. I also food shopped this morning and stocked up on all healthy food. Next week will be better!

  • Great work Cindy & Betty!!

    After about a four month break from dieting, it was really hard to go back! But I did it because I knew I would have to come here and report in. I lost six pounds this week. Yay! My first week weight loss is always great & the second week is lousy. Here’s hoping next week isn’t too lousy.

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  • Betty

    Good work Beth and Cindy! I’m determined to lose more this week. I mall walked this morning, now I’m in work where I sit on my butt all day!

  • Kristie

    Congrats, ladies! I was on the fence for the first few days, but eventually decided that if I ever want to get this weight off I have to stop procrastinating. I joined WW and have lost 7 lbs. so far 🙂 So proud of myself for actually making the commitment and grateful to you all for giving me that push.

  • Linda

    I have had a really hard time this past week but during the last two weeks I have lost a total of 7 pounds. I’m hoping that now that the dreaded week 2 is over that week 3 will prove to be a charm — LOL.

  • Jennifer W

    Great job ladies!

    I lost 5lbs so far and luckly haven’t been struggling at all with eating. Instead of ordering out, when i get the urge to not cook i’ve been getting sushi from http://www.123sakura.com/index.html If you live in NE Philly, it’s a really cheap japenese resturant, they have a list of half price items on there website. The gym on the other hand is a little harder to get to everyday like my trainer wants me to. i made 5 out of the last 7 though so i’m pretty happy with that!

  • Lala

    I’m in your boat too!! I lost 10 lbs for this week!!! I’m not on WW but I’m so excited and so proud of myself!!

  • Devon

    Doing well! Lost 3 lbs so far! 🙂