CVS: 50 Free Photos

Update: Deal is over

Okay, we should never have to pay for cereal, shampoo, toothpaste or photos.  There are just way too many great deals around.  Including the return of the  CVS Free photo deal.

Get 50 Free photos prints at CVS and free shipping if you pick up at the store.  Just sign up here for a new account and place your order.

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  • Crystal Curtis

    hi! i placed the order just like you instructed but it’s telling me my order total is $7.50. is there a promo code i’m supposed to put it at the end? i can’t find any details on the website

    • Cindy

      @Crystal Curtis, Hi Crystal. It has to be for a new email address. If you already have previously signed up under that email address it won’t work. If you have another email address you can use that. Hope that helps.

  • Crystal Curtis

    you have to check your email then sign out and back in again for the 50 free photos to show up. called the phone number on their webpage and got a hold of someone very nice with online shopping and he was able to walk me through it step by step! You also have to select pick up in hours!