Happy Snow Day!

Reader Eric had sent me an email to let me know I had forgotten to put a link in.  I appreciate that!!  He also wanted everyone to know that he is giving away TODAY ONLY, Free snow.  All you have to do is take it off his driveway.  Isn’t that nice of him 🙂

You see that is why I have a 17 year old son.  They come in handy for things like that.

Hope you all are having a happy snow day with enough of your own FREE SNOW to last the rest of the winter.  And if you are not from this area, well don’t rub it in 🙂

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  • Eric

    That’s too funny!!!!!!

  • Cheryl

    Happy Snow Day everyone!!

  • Love It

    Happy Snow Day!
    We have the cabin fever…
    How many days till Spring????

  • Janelle

    I am loving this. I feel like a little kid again. I pulled my 16 month old son around on my sled from when I was little and he loved it. Now he is napping. I think I will build a snowman. LOL

  • Jackie

    This is great! Looks like my neighborhood (in NJ). If you get enough of a response and run short on snow, I’d be happy to give ours away too!

  • Melissa

    Happy Snow Day! Happy for a day, hopefully two days, off from school!

  • Oh – I love when I go through my Google Reader of Deal blogs and find something that makes me laugh!

    Once Eric gets rid of his snow, I’ve got some that I would love to give away! you don’t even need to subscribe to my feed to get it! 😉

  • Melissa

    Whoo-hoo I love the snow bring it on!

  • I am tired of snow this week. Can’t wait for it to stop.