How To Successfully Roll A Catalina Deal

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I’m posting this shopping trip to Pathmark  because I wanted to share a catalina deal with you.  I get a lot of questions regarding catalinas and rolling them so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show you how it works.

This week at Pathmark there are 4 catalina deals going on.  The deals include Bimbo Bakeries, Unilever, P&G and Nestle.  These deals, at Pathmark,work on the retail or shelf price of the item not the sales price.  So, your qualifying amount is much easier to reach and can make for an even better deal. Note:  That is not the case at all stores.

I purchased these items in 3 separate transactions.  Your goal is to try to have your lowest out of pocket amount on your first transaction and then you use your catalina to “roll” into the next deal.

This is the Unilever deal that requires you to spend $15 and you receive a $5 catalina. Here is how it went:

Transaction #1:
Buy 5 Wishbone Salad Dressing ($16.45) $8.45
-(1)$.75/1 Printable (no longer available)
Paid: $4.45
Received a $5.00 catalina

Transaction #2:
Buy 4 Ragu ($11.56)$6.76
Buy 1 Country Crock ($3.99) $2.49

-(2)$1/2 Ragu
-(1)$.50/1 Country Crock
Total: $6.25
Use $5.00 catalina from previous transaction
Pay: $1.25
Receive a $5.00 catalina

Transaction #3:
Buy 10 Hunts Tomatoes $7.70
Buy 12 La Yogurt $3.48

-(3)$.45/3 Hunts
-(1)$1.50/12 La Yogurt
-(1)$.25 La Yogurt (store coupon)
Use $5.00 catalina from previous transaction
Pay: $1.73
No catalina for this deal. I chose to use the catalina to take advantage of some good deals Pathmark was having. However you could have rolled this as many times as you had coupons for.

So for all this I paid out of pocket $7.43 for $65.78 worth of groceries.

You can mix and match these deals for whatever is best for your family.  It may be a little bit more out of pocket but if it’s for something that you use a lot then it’s worth it.

Did you come up with a great deal scenario at Pathmark this week?  It’s fun to see all the different deal ideas.