Medco Members: $10 Off Any Purchase At Medco Health Store

If you are a Medco member you can score an awesome deal at the Medco Health Store.  They have a $10 off any purchase coupon and there is only $.99 shipping.  So you can score this jumbo pack of Q-tips for only $.79 + $.99 shipping.  Whoot!  Love these deals!

They have diapers, wipes, vitamins, toothpaste, allergy & pain medicine and so much more.  So hurry and click on over and score an awesome deal.  Use coupon code: 10OFF

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  • Jenine

    You can use MHS10, too and get 10 off. I just placed two orders and both codes got me ten off. Only downfall is I paid shipping twice.

    • Andrea

      Thanks!! That was a great find…

  • Eric

    Medco site acting screwy. Can’t check out, goes to prescription page and empties cart!!!! Might be/have gotten slammed!!!

    • Cindy

      @Eric, Yeap, they might have gotten overwhelmed with orders.

  • cheryl

    Thank you for the great tip. I had no idea Medco had an online store!

  • Sally

    Thanks so much for the great coupon code. Thanks Jenine as well I used both codes and got 8 Suave clincal deodarants for an amazing price.

  • Love It

    Thanks… for a great find and all your hard work and dedication.

  • Laurie

    I just ordered the 1750 package of Q-tips for $1.91 which was shipping and tax. Great find b/c we always need coupons! I did not know Medco had a store either.

  • Eric

    I can’t order. When I hit the link I’m in and can add to cart. I can put in the code and the total is listed. When I hit the checkout out button it takes me to a page to log in and then redirects me to a prescription site that seems to be run by my Medical coverage provider and doesn’t have my items or the store anymore. Anyone else getting this???

    • Cindy

      @Eric, Eric, you do have to be a Medco member to order. They will ask for your subscriber number I believe. I am not a member so I’m not sure when it asks you for the info.

  • Eric

    Thanks Cindy, It’s odd. Wife’s a teacher and I was able to register and add to cart and when I go to checkout it asks me to log in. I log in and get redirected to a prescription page that has my info on it (meds I take) but has the Empire logo. When I hit your link it takes me back to shopping and the items in my cart. IDK, gonna give up. Thanks for the help!!!

    • Cindy

      @Eric, I wish I could help more but since I don’t have a Medco account I can’t try it out. Check back maybe someone that did order will give you some info to help out.

  • Love It

    Thanks… I got my order on Monday. fast.