Old Navy: 20% Cash Back Through Ebates

Wow, great deal at Ebates. They are offering  20% cash back on any Old Navy purchase and the ad says everything.  Which means you can even buy a giftcard and hang onto it for another great sale. This is how it would work.

  • Shop through Ebates and search Old Navy.
  • Buy a $50 gift card(or any amount you want) you will get $10 added back to your Ebates account (addtional $5 if you are new to eBates).
  • Then use it for a great sale on a future date and score even more money off.

Now that’s good stuff!

Good through 2/4/10.

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  • Kelly

    Has anyone tried this? It’s not working for me. When I click to checkout I get “This page cannot be displayed”. I tried on 2 different computers.

    • Cindy

      @Kelly, Were you successful? I did it today and it worked for me.

  • Kelly

    Cindy – Thank you for responding. Yes, I kept trying and after about an hour, I finally got it to work. Above you said expires 2/4/10. Does that mean there will be double points until the 4th? I’m hoping my GC will come quickly and I can use it w/ the 15% coupon code and get the ebates 20% again. I doubt it will come before the 4th though. Wishful thinking!


  • jessica

    i dont see old navy on the approved list of retailers that give te % back on GC. has this ben done successfully at old navy?

  • Kelly

    I know it is a little late to answer you but I was able to order a $50 GC and got $10 back. It came in the mail yesterday so I placed an order (used ONSAVEBIG code and saved 15% + free ship) for $118. Used my GC . So all total I spent $118 and got $32.xx in ebates cash!

    • Cindy

      @Kelly, that’s a great deal. Wow, the card came fast. Thanks for letting me know because I was going to post those codes and mention using the gift card but I wasn’t sure if they had come yet. Thanks for the info!