Super Stock Up Shopping

I love when I don’t have to buy anything in particular, when my stockpiles are fully stocked in my pantry and freezer.  That is when I go out and buy items that are at the absolute best prices.  Like on this trip to ShopRite & Rite Aid.  Here I spent $48.50 for all this and have a $10 catalina to spend for next week. I got $7.00 worth of deli meat, fruit, 4 lbs of Tilapia, 1 gallon of milk, 2 bottles of Cetaphil, light bulbs, 16 boxes of Quaker chewy bars, 4 loaves of bread, 4 bags of raviolis and more.  So for a final price of $38.50 I got $153.35 worth of groceries.

And then, a trip to Pathmark that made my son quite happy.  Sweet, Ellios was what I heard!!

If you have a Pathmark close by I would highly recommend this deal.  I’m going back for more during the week.  For this I paid $3.37 and I received a $5.00.  I did use my catalina from last week but I did not have any coupons to use with it.  When I go back during the week I will just simply “roll” my $5.00 to help pay for the next set of 6.  So for a profit of $2.00 I got $33.23 worth of groceries.  And to think there was a time I used to buy these full price.  Oh my!

My total for the week was: $51.87 out of pocket for $186.58 worth of groceries and I have $15 worth of catalinas.


Now, I have a challenge for all you Shoprite shoppers.  This week, as you have seen, there are a lot of catalina deals.  Since I will not be doing all of them, I am calling all of you to share your own deals you did this week at ShopRite.  I don’t need pictures.  Just email me a list of the catalina deal(s)  you did this week.  List it like I do, with the quantity, coupons etc.  Let’s see what great combos you all have come up with.  I”ll post them up as they come in.  It’s a great way to see how others are saving money.

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