Target: 5 Free Quaker Oatmeal

We have some great deals going on at Target this week and reader Lara came up with an even better scenario that she did at her Target.

If your Target is located by a ShopRite you can score 5 Free boxes of  Quaker Instant Oatmeal by doing a price match.  Now before you do it please check with customer service to be sure they will honor the price matching because some Targets have been having issues with the price matching.  I can do it at mine with no problem but please check first. Make sure to bring the entire ShopRite circular with you. Here is the deal.

Buy 5 Quaker Instant Oatmeal $1.99 each (price match with ShopRite circular)
-(5)$1/1 coupons from the 2/7 Red Plum or Printable
Pay $4.95
Get a $5.00 Target Gift card wyb 5
Final Price: FREE for all 5

Also, it has been reported that the Single Serve Oatmeal (flavor Golden Brown Sugar) priced at $1.02 has been working for the deal as well.  You can use the same coupons as above to be a $5.00 Moneymaker.  Note:  This is unadvertised and I can not guarantee that it will continue to work but the worst thing that would happen is you would have 5 free single serve and no gift card.

(Thanks Lara!)

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  • Scott

    The individual sizes do work, but after doing the deal twice the manager met me at the checkout saying that it had to be the big boes (in small print on the q it says “for items pictured” and there is a picture of a box – jeesch. but if you can squeeze it through it goes without beeps. Our shelf was marked which worked with the gift card, but if you are not sure, you can scan it at the price checker and it will tell you it is part of the gift card promo. However for the boxes. . .the Traget online price matching deal is now pretty explicit that they will price match and then use manu qs after (target qs before price match) I suggest printing that out and taking it located here NOW GO GET SOME CEREAL!! LOL

    • Cindy

      @Scott, Thanks Scott for the info!!

  • Scott

    No Prob, sorry about all the typos. So this is what I’m going to do since they are cracking down on the coupons. I’m going to price match the big boxes (2 transactions x 5) use my 10 qs and the gift card from yesterday (and my reusable bags) and get them all free with a $.20 profit, use the last gift card and just buy the individual ones 5 a transaction (until they kick me out)- paying with the gift card from each previous tranaction (no qs) and pay 5 cents each time still ending up with a $5 gift card in the end – wow my head hurts. (also note the Shoprite ad says 4 per variety so get at least one box of a different variety)

    • Cindy

      @Scott, Sounds like a good plan. Now if I could only get out of my driveway I might try it as well. Way too much snow 🙂

  • Janet

    You might want to check with your store on this one. The Target here does not state that the cups are included. However when I went to the store there was a flag under the cups stating that it was included. However when I went through the checkout—the cashier would not give me the gift card—as the add did not include it. I ended up going to customere service and they said the same thing. I told them I wanted to return the oatmeal cups then and that they needed to remove the flag from the shelf—as that was misleading to the customer. They decided to give me my gift card and send me on my way.

    • Janet

      OOOPs I meant the Target ad here does not state that they are included.