A Super Shopping Weekend Even Minus The Catalinas

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My Catalinas not printing at ShopRite and Pitt basketball losing kinda soured the beautiful weekend but hey, I’ll get over it 🙂  I mean how can I complain paying the prices I paid for all my groceries this weekend, even without the Catalinas.

At ShopRite I spent $12.07 for $107.21 worth of groceries.  I used $15 in catalinas from the Smart Ones/Heinz deal and got a free pack of Matzos for hitting $50 or more (before coupons) Not sure if they have this deal at all ShopRites.

I was expecting to get $6.50 in additional Catalinas on this trip but that did not happen. I’m hoping that Catalina Marketing can make this right.  We shall see tomorrow.

Then I headed to A&P.  Yeap A&P, not Pathmark.  We eat a lot of oatmeal, so when I saw this deal I had to go.  Plus, there were $5.00 worth of Quaker coupons that I found in the boxes of Quaker Instant Oatmeal I bought at the last great deal. So, I was able to use those coupons on this deal and paid only $1.26 for all this.  I used the $3.00 off Tropicana coupon wyb 5 Quaker products from last week’s ShopRite circular (no store logo on it).  And guess what.  There were more coupons in the oatmeal boxes.  Score!!

And lastly, we made our trip to Costco and picked up that super cheap Roman lettuce.  I spent $25.32 which was more then both ShopRite and A&P combined.  Go figure.

So my total for the week was $38.65.  And I’m hoping for $6.50 back in Catalinas and I still have $12.50 in Catalinas to spend at Patmark.  That will be for next week.  And notice, no freezer items.  Cause I have no more room in my freezers!

How did you guys do this weekend?  Did you stay under budget?  Did you find any great deals?