New Month = New Amazon Gift Cards At Swagbucks

Reminder:  Today starts a new month and you can now use your Swagbucks to order 5 more of the $5 gift cards (2 each day).  If you remember you are only allowed to use your Swagbucks to buy 5 in one calendar month.  So, if you ordered 5 in February, you are now able to order 5 more.

Not sure what what Swagbucks are?  Check out this post here and find out how to get started with 60 FREE Swagbucks.  If you search around the internet you could earn Amazon gift cards too!

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  • Abby

    Hi, thanks for all your help. i really love your site. about the swagbucks, i’m really new at this and i’ve not even register. but, i want to ask this b4 i register, do i have to buy something online b4 i can earn swagbucks point? or i can earn the point by just searching like google. and if so, how many search will it take me to get that $5 amazon card. i’m really confused on this. i readyour post on this but, i’m still not clear. thanks for all your help.

    • Cindy

      @Abby, Hey Abby, good questions. You don’t need to buy anything. It’s just a search engine like google. You would search through their toolbar (similar to google toolbar). Every so often (it’s hard to determine how often) you earn swagbucks. You can earn them in demoninations of 10, 15, 20 etc. Yesterday I earned 30 swagbucks when I was searching for a coupon for crystal light. It could happen at any search. You need 450 swagbucks in order to turn it in for a $5 gift card. When you sign up now with the code I have posted you earn 60 right away to get you started. So you don’t buy anything, you just register and start searching like you normally do except search through swagbucks. I can give you a hint how I earn more…I type in addresses I already know, like living rich with coupons. If you keep doing that it increases your chances.

      • Abby

        @Cindy, Thanks so much. This is one thing I love (if u don’t mind) about u. You reply quickly unlike other sites that u have to wait for days. Another question, can I bookmark your site on swagbucks or I have to keep typing it to earn that point? Because I have your site bookmark with google. Thanks.

        • Cindy

          @Abby, Thanks Abby. I try my best to respond as quickly as possible. As long as I’m by a computer, I will respond. Sometimes it does take longer.
          I don’t think it will work if you bookmark because you would need to type it into their toolbar and search it in order for it to register with Swagbucks. But, you can use it for other things that you would just normally search for if it’s easier for you.

  • Megan

    Quick questions – do the Amazon cards have an expiration? and can you use multiples in one order?
    I am thinking about buying a few each month and then use them at the end of the year for Christmas. Will that work?

    • Cindy

      @Megan, Megan, no expiration date and you can use multiples in one order. And, that is exactly what I am doing…saving them all up for Christmas.