The Missing ShopRite Catalinas

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Well this was not a good day in ShopRite Catalina land.  I have heard from a lot of you that your Catalinas were not printing today.  And, because these were national Catalinas and not specific store Catalinas, ShopRite is clueless.

I had the same experience today as I purchased the Crystal Light, the Oscar Mayer bacon and the Good Seasoning Salad dressing.  All were to have printed Catalinas and all did not.  So, I’m as disappointed as the rest of you.

I did try to call Catalina marketing but they are gone for the day.  They open up at 7 am and rest assured I will be on the phone with them at that time.

For me, I have decided that even if we are not able to  get the Catalinas, I will be keeping all my products as they are products that I want and need and I feel I still was able to get them at a good price.  But, if you were counting on those Catalinas, don’t hesitate to return your items.

I will let you know my finding tomorrow morning.  So stay tuned.  And, I apologize that things didn’t go as planned for our ShopRite trips today.