Where Are My Red Plum Inserts?

Every Sunday I get emails and comments on the site from frustrated readers who can’t seem to get their inserts.  The same things keeps happening. When you buy one paper you don’t have the Red Plum then another and there is no P&G.  I truly know how frustrating it can be because it’s happening to me as well.

Here are sites that may help you.

Another option, is to just buy either the whole inserts or just the coupons you are interested in from Ebay.  Just search Red Plum Inserts or Bumble Bee Tuna Coupon or whatever coupon you are looking for and a listing of coupons will come up.

Here is a hint.  If you need the coupons for a deal that ends at the end of the week, choose a seller that is closer to you to be sure you will receive it on time. Also, make sure the seller has a high rating.  I buy coupons from Ebay often and, to date, have never had an issue and I always receive them quickly.

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  • Lauren

    I am in Asbury Park Press country and get Sunday delivery…I was looking forward to free Ban at ShopRite this week & didn’t receive that insert. It’s annoying!

    • Cindy

      @Lauren, I agree! The ban coupon was in the Smart Source. You didn’t get the Smart Source. If not, that is unusual. Smart Source is always pretty reliable.

  • Barbara A

    No Ban, no John Frieda, etc. I also get the Asbury Park Press. The Smart Source was a big disappointment.

    • Cindy

      @Barbara A, Oh boy that I think that Asbury Press needs a phone call or an email. I’m so sorry you guys didn’t get the inserts.

  • Barbara A

    I should clarify. We got the Smart Source, it was just missing many of the coupons you got.

    • Cindy

      @Barbara A, Ah, got it now. That is what happened to me at first. I have been buying the Bergan Record because they have been having the Red Plum. I sent my husband out to buy 1 first to be sure. When he got it home, not only did it not have the Red Plum, it had the Smart Source you are referring to.

  • Victoria

    Why is it that sometimes I get a Redplum that is a full insert with alot of coupons and other times it is “skinny” with mostly ads for plants and such????? SO frustrating!

  • Barbara A

    It was a lesson. I went and bought extra papers. I checked to make sure that there were 3 inserts but I didn’t look through the inserts to see if the coupons that I wanted were there.
    I also wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the photos of your garden. I am getting ready to plant my seeds (indoors under the lights) today. I grow annuals, perennials and vegetables. A little late this year.

  • Jane

    The link for the red plum inserts takes you to the P&G website. This is the link to red plum:
    Hope we can all get the inserts this Sunday.