Free Potty Training Kit From Pampers

Reader Melissa let me know that you can score a Free Pampers Potty Training Kit.  Kit includes

• A free sample of Easy Ups Trainers
• High-value coupons
• Fun stickers & coloring pages
• Step-by-step potty training tips
• Potty Progress Chart
• Dora or Diego training trophy

You can head over here to request your Free kit.

Also, don’t forget about the new 10 Point code for the Pampers Gift To Grow.  And make sure to sign up for the Pamper Village.

Got any potty training tricks?  Lollipops always seemed to work for my girls.  My son, not so much.  He did it when he was good and ready.

(Thanks Melissa!)

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  • Melissa

    I wish I had tips but since we are just starting this process can’t really comment. I’ll just be happy when my son starts telling me he has to go rather than waiting till after he goes in his diaper. I have a feeling that he will be three/three and half before we get it done.

    • Melissa B.

      @Melissa, We started right before Christmas and he still has an accident every once in a while. We did the reward sticker chart. He loved getting a sticker. Although, never ever give him a sticker if he doesn’t go in the potty. Our son knows if he doesn’t go in the potty he doesn’t get a sticker. We started him off for the first day and a half giving him a cookie. that’s good to start, but then you introduce the sticker chart. You don’t want him wanting a cookie every time he pees. lol!

      • Melissa

        @Melissa B., Thanks for the tip. One of the problems we have is that my son has a language delay so it is hard to get him to understand things.He is only 2 and half so he is definately not behind on the potty learning thing. I have decided we will take our time with it since I know so many kids who has set backs when you rush it. Heck my niece who is very advanced in her vocabulary is still learning and she is a little bit over 3. I think we may do m&ms as a reward since we picked up a bunch of easter ones that were on sale.

        • Melissa B

          @Melissa, That’s interesting my son is 2 1/2 also. Everyone says he is doing so well and that we shouldn’t push him so much. It’s nice to find someone who has the same name as me with a son the same age as mine. lol! It would be to weird if there name was the same. lol! 3 things in common would be just weird.