A Big Thank You From Me!

I just want to take a minute and thank you guys.  Most of you may not have even realized that you helped me but you did.  It wasn’t until this morning that I realized just how much I was effected by it.  You may remember that we had to put our dog down last Saturday.  Well, I took it much harder then I thought.  I mean I knew I would be upset but I didn’t realize how much it would effect me.  I tried to go about my normal routine here on the site but when I look back at posts or lack there of, I realize that I wasn’t all there.

Here is where you guys came in and you may or may not have even realized it.  There were so many comments and emails with coupons and deals that were left by you guys during the week.  A higher number then usual including helping each other out.   And now when I look back on the week I realize how much of a help that was and I just wanted to thank you all.  I’m touched that the site has come to a point that we all help each other and report on our findings.  And I’m so grateful that I was able to rely on you guys to take up my slack.  So, thank you, thank you, thank you!

And how am I doing?  Today, I am much better.  I miss him terribly but I am doing a whole lot better.  And I feel so much more on my “deal” game today.  But, don’t stop with your deals.  Keep em coming.  The site is a much better place when you all contribute.

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