Blockbuster Free Rental Codes

blockbuster kiosk

Here some  Blockbuster free rental codes. They all expire 5/31.  I’m not sure what locations they are working at so please let us know if it did not work at yours.


Check out a Blockbuster Express location near you.

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  • Stacey

    Blockbuster just can’t get in on the game, BEFORE the game is over! First they try to bo-guard in Netflix, no Redbox! Too funny. I haven’t rented from them in a million years. Anyway, where are these kiosks?

    • Anonymous

      They are in stores. There is one in the Kmart in my town. I think they have them in some grocery stores as well. You can probably go online and search for locations. They are great! I rented avatar, crazyheart, brothers, hurtlocker, as well as some good kids movies for only $1.00 per night!