Did You Notice It Was A Bit Quiet?

Oh it’s been fairly quiet on LRWC this weekend.  I’ve been away at my daughters college graduation.  Which, she actually couldn’t attend because she had to play in a softball game.  But, there was going to be a senior day today after the game to celebrate the end of her college career.  And that didn’t quite go as planned.  It went something like this:

  • Mom, Dad & Grandparents drive 6 hours
  • Plays game on Saturday, gets a ball thrown at her head from behind and suffers a mild concussion.
  • Sunday’s game gets rained out and so does the Senior Day celebration.
  • Mom, Dad & Grandparents drive 6 hours home

So, with all the eventful uneventful things that went on this weekend, my super saving shopping wound up to be, well, just super boring.  I did not buy much which could be considered super in itself since I didn’t spend  that much money.

I did get a trip in to Stop & Shop on Thursday before the cereal & milk deal ended and was able to score 6 boxes of cereal for $4.94 and got 2 catalinas for free milk.

I am in desperate need of produce so I will be heading to Aldi tomorrow for that.  But other then that, I’m done and way, way under my budget. But I’m hanging onto that money to use for the upcoming weeks where I will need to make some serious meat purchases to replenish my depleting stock in my freezer.  My pantries are still overflowing so much so that I don’t have to worry about that for a while.  Not even after this weekend after taking 2 big bags (including 8 boxes of cereal) to my daughter.  It doesn’t even look like I made a dent in it.

How did your shopping go?  How much did you save?

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