Don’t Forget – Tomorrow Is Stamp Out Hunger

May 12th -- today is the day -- Stamp Out Hunger!
Image by SVPainter via Flickr

Don’t forget that tomorrow, 5/12, is Stamp Out Hunger Day.

Gather up your stockpile items and place them by your mailbox for your mail carrier to take.  What a great way to help by using our ever growing stockpile.

Things to note:

  • Food items should be in non-breakable containers, such as boxes and cans.
  • If you are using a bag, make sure your bag is sturdy so it will not break while carrying.
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  • Jean

    I’m very excited about donating all my stuff tomorrow, but I feel bad for our mail carriers. Even though its for a good cause, they must dread having to lug all this stuff back to their trucks!

  • Joanie

    In our towns, the mail carriers walk – no trucks! So, I just drop all my stuff at the post office so they don’t have to lug it around with them!

  • Caring Mom

    We have one big mail box that has all of our boxes on it. I believe they have a few trucks going around to get the bags. They are separate from the mail carriers. That would be easier….everyone would get their mail on time. I usually give a few canned items and more of the lighter items like Mac n cheese, hamburger helper, small boxes of rice and potato mixes. Don’t forget the formula…I know its expensive but it would be a gift to a special baby out there.

  • Jean

    Good idea Joanie…I’m going to be out and about with the kids for tball and soccer games anyways, so I’m going to see if my post office will take the donations and I will drop them there.