Entertainment Book: As Low As Free – Today Only!

Oh boy, another great deal on the Entertainment Book 2010.  I posted about getting it at Bed Bath & Beyond for only $8.00 but there were no more at my local store.  I hope you guys had better luck then me.  Well, here are even more ways to score them for a super price.  And, don’t forget, there are usually great coupons in it for your local supermarkets.  I know there are 3 – $5.00 coupon inside for ShopRite.  So, these wind up being moneymakers deals.  Love it.

This offer is for today only as the Entertainment Book is on a 24 hour sale for only $12.  Here are the deals available:

Shop through Ebates. Pay $12.00 with Free shipping and get 25% 30% cash back ($3.60). And, if you are new to Ebates you also get an additional $5.00 cash back. Final price: $8.40 or $2.40  if you are new to Ebates.

Shop through Shop At Home. Pay $12.00 with Free shipping and get back $7.00. And, if you are new to Shop At Home you also get an additional $5.00 cash back. Final price: $5.00 or Free if you are new to Shop At Home.

Just wanted to add the Shop At Home & Ebates  payout schedule for those of you that are new to either one.  Shop At Home sends a check and Ebates can send a check or pay via Pay Pal.



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  • marcia

    thanks, got it!

  • Amanda

    Hi, could you explain how I buy it through shop at home and why we get $7 back?

    • Cindy

      @Amanda, Shop At Home is a cash back site as is Ebates. You set up an account with them. They have offers where you can get cash back when you make purchases through their links. So in this case, when you click through the Shop at Home link and purchase the Entertainment Book, Shop At Home will put $7.00 into your Shop At Home account. Plus if it is your first time through Shop At Home they will also add $5.00 to your account. Then they send you a payment for the money you have collected in your account. I think Shop At Home may be monthly, I can’t remember, and Ebates is quarterly.

      • Amanda

        Thanks Cindy. Could you please explain where I go on the shop at home website to buy the book? I couldn’t find it. Thanks!

  • audra wilder

    awesome! I’ve been waiting to buy mine!

  • Rachel

    thanks! do you know if you get $7 per book you purchase? or just 1 time?

    • Cindy

      @Rachel, I am pretty sure that it’s $7.00 each book. I ordered 3 myself so I hope so.

      • Cindy

        @Cindy, Rachel, I just checked my account and it is just $7.00 for the whole purchase :(. So, I should have bought them separately as I only got $7.00 back instead of $21. Bummer.

  • Ann Marie

    Are there definitely $5 coupons for shop rite in these books? I hate to order and then not get shop rite coupons since that is the main reason I am ordering. I looked at the coupons in the book and I don’t see shop rite. Am I missing something? Thanks.

    Ann Marie

    • Cindy

      @Ann Marie, Well I guess it depends on the area you are ordering from and what other stores are around. So my answer would be, no it’s not definite. My area has the ShopRite but that is all I can tell you.

      • Ann Marie

        Thanks for your quick response, Cindy!