Free Sample: General Mills Products – In Spanish

Here is a link for free General Mills samples.  The link is in Spanish so I really couldn’t get a good grasp on what they are offering but I do know it’s General Mills products.  So for those of you that are Spanish speaking you can head over here to request your free samples.

I need my Spanish teacher sister-in-law for this one 🙂

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  • Kristine

    I don’t even speak Spanish and it was pretty easy to do, thanks!

  • Emmy

    What does “clave” mean? I got everything but that. Anyone know? Thanks~

    • Cindy

      @Emmy, means code. so it would be a password. I believe that require a number in it as well.

      • Lana

        It’s for you to create a password, 7-20 characters if I remember correctly.

    • @Emmy, it password in spanish

  • Regina

    Thanks so much! Its pretty simple, name address, date of birth, email and password.

  • Purvi

    Thank you for the link Cindy. It was very easy to fill out.

  • alex martin

    I did this a little while ago and received the a booklet with tips and coupons. Really Nice!

  • Amanda

    I just received a full sized box of hamburger helper and a little sample sized box of cereal.