Goldfish Trash Bags Only $1.33 A Bag – WHAT? This Is Not For The Savvy Coupon Shopper

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Over on the LRWC facebook page there were questions about what to say to the person behind you in line that makes comments about your coupons.  People have said that they have been called greedy or questioned the amount of time they “waste” clipping and sorting through their coupons.

Well, I was thinking about a respond for a couple of days and the only thing that kept popping up in my head was to tell them that they throw out around $50 each week from their newspaper.  It’s like throwing $50 in the garbage.  Would you take a $50 bill and say, gee, I don’t need this, I’m just going to throw it away?  I certainly wouldn’t and I’m willing to bet that you guys wouldn’t either.

And then I stumbled upon this.  Goldfish Trash bags for $15.99 for a box of 12. What?  Goldfish trash bags for $1.33 each plus shipping.   To put your trash in?  People waste their money on this stuff? Apparently the answer is yes.  So to answer my own question, yes people do throw money in the trash.  And the person behind you in line making comments about your coupons probably just received their shipment of Goldfish trash bags.

So tell me, who looks like the savvy shopper?  You or the person throwing their garbage in a $1.33 trash bag?

Would love to hear your thoughts on what you would say to those that make negative comments about your coupon use? How do you explain to those that don’t understand how much money can be saved by using coupons?