Goldfish Trash Bags Only $1.33 A Bag – WHAT? This Is Not For The Savvy Coupon Shopper

Over on the LRWC facebook page there were questions about what to say to the person behind you in line that makes comments about your coupons.  People have said that they have been called greedy or questioned the amount of time they “waste” clipping and sorting through their coupons.

Well, I was thinking about a respond for a couple of days and the only thing that kept popping up in my head was to tell them that they throw out around $50 each week from their newspaper.  It’s like throwing $50 in the garbage.  Would you take a $50 bill and say, gee, I don’t need this, I’m just going to throw it away?  I certainly wouldn’t and I’m willing to bet that you guys wouldn’t either.

And then I stumbled upon this.  Goldfish Trash bags for $15.99 for a box of 12. What?  Goldfish trash bags for $1.33 each plus shipping.   To put your trash in?  People waste their money on this stuff? Apparently the answer is yes.  So to answer my own question, yes people do throw money in the trash.  And the person behind you in line making comments about your coupons probably just received their shipment of Goldfish trash bags.

So tell me, who looks like the savvy shopper?  You or the person throwing their garbage in a $1.33 trash bag?

Would love to hear your thoughts on what you would say to those that make negative comments about your coupon use? How do you explain to those that don’t understand how much money can be saved by using coupons?

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  • Eric

    I can’t say “what I would say” on a family/mixed company site. But, rest assured I’d let ’em have it. Thank you and I’ll be here all week!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rosanne

    I don’t say anything. (Although a snarky cashier in Quik Chek tested this just recently). I am content in the fact that my husband and I have a house that is nearly paid off and a hefty bank account. This gives me smug satisfaction every time I get a comment or an eye roll. It took years of withstanding funny looks to get to this point.

  • Victoria

    I would say, “What’s your address?” and when they ask “why”, I would say,”Well, apparently you have such an interest in my finances, maybe you’d like to start paying my bills!”

  • Devon

    “And the person behind you in line making comments about your coupons probably just received their shipment of Goldfish trash bags.”


    I simply ignore them. I focus on my daughter who is usually ravaging the impulse items or ripping the Save the Children donation slips off their tear pads. 😉

  • EgyptLyn

    I often hear “I don’t have time to clip coupons” and my response is”You don’t have time to save money???Why,because you’re too busy working to make more money???”Then they think a minute and say something like” Well,you don’t save THAT much money!” To which I respond “No, maybe not, but it didn’t cost me anything for Christmas presents last year as I used the $XXXX.XX that I saved in coupons”. And I walk away and leave them with their mouth hanging open as I stuff my Catalinas in my purse!!

  • Chris

    Well, I end up working no more than 5 hours a week printing and clipping and end up saving $100 a week, so it like making $20 and hour. Flexible hours from the convenience of my home while my kids sleep, you can’t beat it. Saving $5200 a year in groceries helps me to stay at home and invest in the most important thing in the world to me, my kids.

  • Barbara A

    Maybe it is a sign of the times but I don’t really have that many people making negative comments. I have more people watch in awe and ask where they can get all the coupons and save the money. (I pass along your site…) hmm if they did make a negative comment? Unless I was breaking my order up into a bunch of orders or going through express with too many items and lots of coupons or any thing else that would tie up the line, I would ignore them and laugh all the way to the bank. I have cashiers at Shoprite who want me to go through their line and if I don’t they yell at the other cashiers hold her stuff up in the air so we can see what the good deals are this week!!!!

    • Cindy

      @Barbara A, OMG Barbara, what ShopRite do you go to cause I am so there. I love that they love you saving money 🙂

  • Ueen

    Fortunately, I have not heard someone made a negative comment on my coupon use. I usually hear the following, “You should take me shopping”, “Wow, I love the way you shop”, “Wow, you know how to shop”, “I should start to coupon”. When I hear comments like this, I then say, do you want to know my favorite website where I learn how to use coupon? Then I give, 🙂

    This is a good question because I should be prepared of the negative comments. Hmnnnn, maybe I will say, “Excuse me, did you say you feel jealous of how much I saved?”


  • Kristine

    A few Shoprite cashiers asked where I get all the coupons/deals, I have passed along your site to them, one lady didn’t know you could print 2 coupons PER COMPUTER, she thought they linked to an account through, she was amazed when I pulled out like 10 Butterball Ground Turkey coupons and stocked up on them!

  • CJ

    Luckily I’ve never really gotten any negative comments (a few sighs and rolled eyes, maybe). But if I did, I’d say “I work for the government and your taxes dont pay me enough to allow me to pay full price”, all of which is true actually! I look at people in front of me in line paying $8 for body wash and I want to ask them why they would waste so much money when for little effort they could get the same item for free.

  • LeeLee

    I get frowned upon all the time. My husband lost his job, and I have a part time job making $9.00 and hour, so I also use a food card. I get comments from people telling me I am wasting my time and should be working more to get paid, and yelling at me to hurry up. It does not help when the cashiers at Albertsons and Safeway scrutinize every single item and coupon. I even put them together on the belt. I don’t care…today, I saved over half my grocery bill, $48 in coupons!

  • I get mixed reaction from coupon use. I have had cashiers tells me I’m “stealing” from their store when I use coupons and pay ie. .18 cents for an order that initially was close to $30.00. That’s the time I ask for a manager and then write an extensive email to customer care at the corporate office. I have returned to that same store and the cashier ‘s attitude and the general attitude of the cashiers changed from nasty to nice. Now it is a pleasure shopping at that same store.

    I have other cashiers encourage me to use all the coupons that I have and I have given those cashiers some of my coupons so they can take advantage of the deals also. I have had horrible experiences but also good ones. I’m very polite and nice until someone pushes my buttons and the word “steal” is one of my buttons.

    I have a much harder time dealing with people who sigh and make comments when I’m paying for my items. I had to wait in line just like they are waiting so if I want use all my coupons, I have a right to use them. On one occasion a very rude woman was making comments and stomping her feet at the self checkout line at Giant. I asked her if she was having a seizure and needed help. She told me that I was taking too long and I should have gone to the register and use my coupons. I told her that my coupon use is none of her business and as a customer, I could take as long as I want to pay for my items and then I said some not very nice words since they were no children around.

    The key to dealing with bullies is not to be meek. Look them in the face and let them know that they are being rude and abnoxious.

  • LeeLee, keep using your coupons and as long as you are following the store coupon policy, the cashiers can say nothing or tell the occasional rude people in line to get a life. Sometimes when people make comments when I’m paying I take even longer, just to aggravate them. Sometimes, I just smile at them or stick my tongue out at them, yes, it is childish (especially since I’m 44) but makes me feel better. When I’m in a bad mood, that’s when I have a few choice words for them.

  • Colleen

    I usually nicely apologize in advance to the cashier letting them know I have a lot of coupons. Most of the time I get a smile and “no problem”. If someone pulls behind me in line I let them know I am gonna be a while with coupons and let them decide if they want to wait. If they don’t that’s on them. it’s know their problem.

    I once had a lady behind me (looked very well off ) snicker to her husband with her, about my coupon use saying how “they should have a seperate line for poor people that need coupons. I turned to her and said I am not poor I just choose not to abuse my husband’s earnings. I save enough money each month to buy 2 designer handbags. Maybe you should do the same. Her husband laughed and said now that’s a great idea.”

  • ronni

    Most people make comments because they are feeling guilty that they are not saving $. they usually say “doesn’t that take a lot of time” answer, I get my items for free or for next to free. I would expect that it would take some time to accomplish this.
    or, I estimate that my savings approximates to my making about $50 per hr. how much do you make an hour?
    Oh don’t get me started. I was questioned in the supermarket by 3 women who thought my coupon binder was annoying to carry around. This is what I said when they asked, sarcastically, if I thought it was worth it
    I consider couponing my job (on top of being Full time mom to 4 busy children and helping my husband with his business). In this job, I make my own hours, I don’t have to report to anyone, I can take a vacation whenever I want, etc. To date my coupon hobby has allowed me to donate food to many needy families, donate HABA items to the troops, and to the Ronald McDonald house where parents of ill children can use some of the toiletries I donate. I had a garage sale and sold off many of the items i got for free and earned $3,000 – this money was given to a family here in town – the father had Lukemia and this money helped the family keep their head above water while he underwent treatment. This time sucking hobby allowed me to use the money I would be spending on full price items to instead be used to take my family on a cruise. This year all my savings will be used to create a bank account so my college bound boy GPA of 3.9 can have money to furnish his dorm, get books, clothes, spending money, etc. My time sucking coupon addiction also allows me to stay a full time mom .. the job I love the most! My receipts from CVS this year say I spent $56.43 for over $600 worth of items. My shoprite receipt said I saved $107.39, for which i paid $38.07. Is it worth it … hell yeah!

  • Coupon King

    I usually get compliments from people behind me on line. I had a lady say to me last week, after I spent $4 for $30 worth of items, “Now that’s my kind of man!”. You do need to be considerate, though, and allow people with just a few items to go in front of you. Those people tend to get annoyed if they have 2 items and must wait for you.

    The cashiers tend to be fine. They get alerted to deals through my checkout. Some think they’re the “coupon police”, but in a way it’s understandable…there is a lot of fraud out there, and the store doesn’t get paid on that. But, other than that, coupons are money to a store. However, they have to front the “double”, so I don’t mind them being cautious as long as they get it right. If they don’t, I quietly go away and they’ll hear about it later from their manager or from corporate. I don’t “let it go” when I’m right.

  • Lori

    @Coupon King,

    I have had “head cashiers” accuse me of fraud, and regular cashiers call a manger over every time I am in certain stores. I have found Shop Rite to be the most tolerant. The cashiers there are always amazed at how much money I am saving, and I have many to whom I have given out coupons for items they say they use. I give out the LRWC website all the time too. Last week, when I was trying to choose my BOGO 100 calorie Nabisco snacks, the Nabisco guy was restocking the shelves. He asked me where I had gotten the internet printables. I asked if he was wondering because he thought they were fraudulent, and he said “No! I always see people using them, but I don’t know how to get them!” Well…that led to a 10 minute “mini-lesson” on couponing by me…much to my daughter’s chagrin 🙂 I am happy to give my business to a store that is coupon friendly, and I avoid those that are not.

  • Kim Cote

    I used to cringe when people would start making faces behind me in line. Now, I welcome it because as soon as my coupons start adding up and my bill gets smaller and smaller, I do the happy dance! And the cashiers love it too! Then, I happily look to the tart behind me and give them the grand total of money saved. If they respond I even throw out the occasional, “I even bought $70 worth of products at CVS and paid $2 out of pocket!”. Then walk away and let them reconsider their impatient ignorance. My Shoprite cashiers love looking at my stuff too. I always send people to this website because it is so FANTASTIC! Keep up the great work! Still have lots to learn, I stocked up on the butterball turkey without using coupons bc I didnt know they were there! Ugh……..

  • Rosanne

    Ruth, I thought I was the only grown woman who stuck out her tongue!! I love to do it while driving instead of giving the finger. It freaks people out! I love all the comments on this, because not one person has said it stops them . We couponers are a mighty strong bunch. I think jealousy is a big part of the negative comments. I think most people have a general feeling of helplessness with their money. They have no idea where their money goes. Because there’s no budget or plan, they can’t provide, or they have huge fights with their spouses, or they can’t get those nice designer purses. When they see someone couponing, it reminds them they don’t have a grasp on it.

  • Christine

    I don’t usually get comments…but I do see the eyerolls and a lot of people step out of line. I also warn people when they get behind me that I have a lot of coupons and it may take a little while.

    When the people behind me are patient or if I am waiting in line myself I peek at other peoples buggies and hand them coupons to use for themselves.

    I always end up apologizing to the people who have to wait behind me and a lot of them say”No, that’s fine, I was watching the screen to see how low your total went”.

    Some people share that they used to use coupons the same way I do!

    Some people ask how I do it and I refer them to THIS ONE! 🙂

    I always, always feel bad for holding up the line and I always feel guilty about everything..even using coupons justify all my coupons and holding up the telling myself that it’s much better than using food stamps! (which I wouldn’t qualify for anyway). Would people rather me take the time,clip my coupons and use them or use their tax dollars and get foodstamps (a lot of people get foodstamps by lying, and saying they are separated from their husbands..I couldn’t..I have a guilty conscience) Not that I have a choice…and there is nothing wrong with foodstamps either if you need them. 🙂

  • ginger

    I don’t know about you all, but I WANT some of those trash bags! haha. They are way too cute. BUT, of course, I would NEVER buy them. Just wish I could WIN them somewhere. haha.
    I use so many coupons, the people in line behind me usually just roll their eyes, pick up their stuff and leave. Usually they only have a handful of things. To me, that is what the express lines and self check out are for!!! Why don’t they use them?

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  • I really don’t get many comments. Today, I could tell the woman behind me at CVS was getting annoyed when I bought tons of stuff then handed over my stack of coupons….her annoyed face quickly changed (I don’t want to say she was amazed, but maybe thats the word) when my total went from $33.40 to just .40…40 cents! I think that is my greatest revenge/reward!

  • Sarah

    Wow! I’ve been quite encouraged reading your comments. I always feel guilty for only using one or two coupons. Now I see I should feel guilty for not using MORE! I can’t believe I could be saving so much more $ on our groceries. How do you find out about double coupon days? Does walmart have them? I want to pay .40 for $30 worth of merchandise, too!!!

  • Jenna

    coupons are stupid.