My Farmers Market Trip + I Need Your Best Farmers Markets

At the recommendation of reader Beth I headed out to a local Farmers Market that I never knew existed.  I can see why.  It was located on a very busy highway but was set way back with not very good signage.  Even though she told me where to go, I still pasted it 3 times.  It’s one of those places you just have to be told about, you would never find on your own.

Well, I went there and was pleasantly surprised.  What a great place!  Thank you Beth for the recommendation.  I will definitely be heading back there.  The prices were great.  Most of the items there were what I would consider a great sale at the supermarkets.   Plus, they had incredible prices on spices and a bunch of other non produce items.  All the stuff you see cost me $34 which included 3 large containers of spices, fresh whole wheat rolls, fresh regular rolls, mixed nuts and olive oil. I’d say that was pretty good.  I just wish I had known about this years earlier.  Which got me thinking.

Most of these places are from word of mouth.  Hardly ever do you see them advertised as that is how they keep their prices down.  So, I need your help.

I would like to start a list of Farmers Markets in different areas so that we can refer to it.  So, it would be great if you could let me know places that you have found in your area (any state) that have a great selection and great prices.  You can leave the info in the comments or send me an email via the contact tab above.  I will put it all together and make it accessible on the site for all to use. Leave any details you would like and I will include it all.

The first one on the list is the one Beth recommended:  46 Farmers Market in Totowa, NJ.  Located on the east bound side of Rt 46.  Enter through the Nissan & Saturn parking lot and the market is in the back.

I’m looking forward to making a great list to share!

(Thanks Beth!)

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