NO Inserts In This Weekends Paper

Yay! There are no inserts in this weekends newspaper.  Did I just say yay?  The coupon nut that I am.  Why yes I did!  Cause it’s a holiday weekend and we need a break from running out, getting our newspapers, sorting,  cutting or what ever way we keep our coupons organized.  Take a break, relax, enjoy a BBQ with all the free and cheap deals you have scored.  Invite over your family and friends and brag about all the money you saved and how the entire meal you are serving at your BBQ, including the paper plates and cups, was practically free.  They will either think you’ve gone nuts or be begging to find out how you did it.

Of course, you know that doesn’t mean there won’t be deals we will find.  So make sure you pop in to LRWC over the weekend to see what you can run out and score a deal on.

To find out the rest of the year’s coupon insert schedule you can head over here.

To learn how to get started go to the beginners section here.

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