ShopRite: $0.49 Ground Turkey, Free International Delight – Get Printing!!

Oh I am so happy!  Remember when I said I needed to do some major meat stock up?  Well it starts right here.

Reader Eric let me know that the Butterball Ground Turkey will be on sale for only $1.99 at ShopRite starting on Sunday.  And, get this, there are 2 sources for a $0.75/1 coupon.  Yeap!  So Happy!  Ground Turkey for $0.49.  Woot!  Here are your links:

Also, make sure to print the $1/1 International Delight coupon if you haven’t already.  They will be only $0.99 starting on Sunday.  Happy, happy!  All the stuff I love! (note: if you are lucky, you may have also gotten the $0.55/1 from the 3/7 SmartSource so check your inserts)

Now excuse me while I go print my coupons!

(Thanks Eric!)

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  • I just wanted to say thank you so much for putting in all the hard work you do to find these deals and providing links to the coupons and everything. You have saved me so much money in just this 1 week alone from finding your site. I am going to start buying the sunday paper to get the coupon inserts too thanks to you.

    I am curious do you know a more efficent way to obtain multiples? Such as dumpster diving sunday night?

    • Cindy

      @John Smith, Hey John, that is a good question. I have heard people that go to their local diners, breakfast shops on Sunday morning and pick up the papers there. I have heard of people dumpster diving (recycling bins of course). I personally don’t do that, I just get 1 paper delivered and buy 3. I usually try to roll my CVS ECBs or Walgreesn Register Rewards into purchasing the papers if I can.

  • alex

    Thank you, have been waiting for a Butterball sale.

  • Lexy

    Thanks for this great heads up! Also, I tend to buy my local newspaper right at Shoprite! They are always 0.99 ea for a Sunday newspaper, which makes for an AWESEOME deal, since they are normally $1.50-2.00 ea! I never hesitate buying at least 2, sometimes more depending on the deals!

  • Jean

    I started getting mine from work….I am a bookkeeper for a restaurant and they always buy the newspapers for people at the bar to read. Apparently the college-aged kids who work there don’t want the coupons! So come monday morning they are sitting on the bar waiting for me! 🙂

  • Monster17

    FYI – Just tried the International Delights coupon this morning in Aberdeen, MD and they would not accept it since it was more than the item was worth. This Shoprite store doesn’t participate in the awesome double coupons up to .99 so my ground turkey coupons scanned at .75 + multiplied .25, but there was a slight price difference $1.88 for the Ground Turkey to begin with. Might have to see if I can get the International Delight coupon to work at one of the other stores, but I’m not hopeful. Regardless, I’m still happy with my purchases this morning and thanks a bunch for the heads up on the turkey! 🙂

  • kristin

    Just got 3 of these @ $0.50 each… what a steal!

  • Kristine

    This deal is awesome, with all the links I printed 8 at home and another 2 at work, got 10 total, 8 in my freezer and used 2 already!

  • Zenia

    Hi. I just found your site today while searching for inexpensive ground turkey. Unfortunately, I did not find it in time to print the .75 coupon off.

  • Gosia

    these links dont work for me

    • Anonymous

      Not surprising, since this thread is *3* years old! How did you find it?

  • Jessica Lisner

    this is truly a fantastic sight for anybody who likes to save… From South Florida I am able to coupon for myself, my mother in NJ, and my mother in law in PA.. I am all about the deals… Thank you for constantly updating this sight… I love it!!!

  • danielle

    Those links arent working.. 404 error on the BB website, and the smartsource one looks incorrectly linked.

    • Denise Davison

      Hi Danielle, this is actually a very old post and thats why the links are not working, what can I help you find?!