ShopRite: Breyers Catalina Deal = $0.99 Ice Cream

Thanks to reader Jamie, we now have confirmation that the Breyer’s Catalina deal is working on shelf prices. The Catalina Deal is Buy $10 Get a $3.00 Catalina. So here is your deal to score some cheap ice cream.  Now if we only had some coupons to go along with this.

Buy 3 Breyer’s Ice Cream ($4.09) $1.99
Pay: $5.97
Get a $3.00 Catalina
$0.99 each after coupon

These catalinas do roll so you can use them to pay for another Breyers deal.

(Thanks Jamie!)

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  • My flyer had a super coupon for the Breyers tub of ice cream, it’s $.99 w/an additional $15 purchase.

    • Cindy

      @Victoria, Sweet! No Super Coupons in mine 🙁

  • Laurie

    Picked up my first 3 half gallons today! I need to stock up on ice cream with the summer fast approaching! Thanks for sharing this deal and the fact it works off of the shelf price of $4.09!!

  • Ueen


    Please find for us a good deal on a refrigerator. 🙂 Just kidding. I can’t get this deal because my freezer is fuuuuuullllll 🙂 From the healthy choice deal at ACME this week and Totinos last week, I need a bigger fridge. 🙂


  • Kristine

    I was thinking the same thing, my freezer is very full, don’t know if I can make room this week, but I sure am going to try. 🙂

  • I have a question do you know if this catalina is working at Price Chopper?
    they have breyers for 1.99 also? Thanks

    • Cindy

      @Kathy, No I think this catalina deal is specific to ShopRite.

  • Eric

    Breyers Smooth & Creamy Bars or Sandwiches, any 6ct $1 (6/20/10) V 5/23/10

    Cindy, This coupon can be used on the Bars, which are included in the cat deal. Swiped, of course!!!!

  • Mindy

    Are the Breyers Smooth & Creamy Bars working on shelf price too?

    • Cindy

      @Mindy, Yes, all the items in the Breyer’s catalina deal are on shelf price.

  • Does anyone know the shelf price for the bar or sandwiches?

  • Anonymous

    My boys can’t thank Jamie enough!

  • Lindsay M.

    Doh! I just bought $10 of Breyers at the sale price yesterday … 2 tubs and 2 bars. I did have coupons for the bars though.

  • Kim

    Hi- Just got back from Shoprite and did great! Spent $109 and saved $98, but bought 3 Breyers ice creams and did not get the catalina bc they said it was on the SALE price not regular price totals. Might go back tomorrow, buy two more and then ask them for the $3 catalina coupon. 🙂