ShopRite: Free Al Fresco Breakfast Sausage + Moneymaker!

Oh my gosh!  Ladies and gentlemen, for our next magic trick, we are going to make money out of sausage.

Yes my ShopRite friends.  You thought it was good with $0.49 Chicken Sausages. Well, lookie here.  The Al Fresco Country Style Breakfast Chicken Sausage is priced at only $1.49.  Yes $1.49.  And you think you will just get it for free with that $2.00 coupon??  Well heck no.  Cause readers Ueen and Lara have informed me that they have gotten overage on this baby.  Yep, it’s ringing up at $1.49 but the full $2.00 is coming off.  Can I hear a Woot!

Now there is one catch.  You’ll need to have more in your cart to cover the overage cause I’m guessing they won’t be so happy having to give you back money.  You think you can handle that?  🙂

Here is your deal:

Buy Al Fresco Country Style Breakfast Chicken Sausage $1.49
use $2/1 Al Fresco printable coupon (zip code: 30015)
or $2/1 Al Fresco printable coupon
free + $0.51 overage

FYI: There is also a $1.00 Al Fresco coupon here

(thanks Ueen & Lara!)

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  • Irishsaver

    I printed this out and each one had the same bar code plus I printed from another computer and still same bar code. It would see like I copied them but I didnt kind of odd. anyone else had this happen?

    • Cindy

      @Irishsaver, As far as I have always seen, coupons always have the same bar codes. Smart Source coupons have a different pin number but that is just for Smart Source coupons.

    • Ueen

      @Irishsaver, They do have the same bar code but they do have different VERI FI number. VERI FI number is the one below the Expiry Date of the coupon.

      Hope this helps.


  • Lisa

    are these located in the same section of the store as the regular sausage?

    • Lexy


      Hi Lisa,

      In my Shoprite they are located next to the chicken (tyson,pilgrim, etc) and not with the other sausages. Hope this helps!

  • Ueen

    Cindy, here’s a Wooooot for ya…

    I like how you present your thoughts. Were you a public speaker turned internet blogger? 🙂


    • Cindy

      @Ueen, LOL, no just a crazy mom who loves a good deal and has a weird sense of humor 🙂 Sometimes when my kids read my posts they are like mom, really?!?

  • Anonymous

    Im so mad at my printer… I went to print my coupons from including the $2.00 chicken sausage and $1.50 OJ, and my printer decided to not work.. Now I guess it registered that i printed it, and they are no longer available to me… So darn mad at my printer now…. Ahhhhhh!Q!!!!

    • Cindy

      @, Ugh, I so hate when that happens. My printer is in the other room and some times I’ll yell out in a panic….”IS THE PRINTING PRINTING?” I fell your pain.

  • Irishsaver

    Thansk Cindy
    I so love these sausages usually pretty pricey but at these prices yummm . Remember everyone raincheck if they are out of the flavor you like ha ha… and get more next week with you coupons…

  • erika

    Does any1 kno if 1.49 is the regular price or just a sale price for this week, shoprite is pretty far from me so i only go once a week and did my trip for this week yesterday.

    • Cindy

      @erika, It is a sale price. And a great sale price. I watch this item because we love it and it usually only goes on sale for $1.00 off. This is like 1/2 price. I’d say call ahead to check stock but if they are out you will want to pick up a rain check and you can only do that in the store.

  • colleen

    my shoprite in jackson’s price is higher $2.50 but still got 4 off them for $.50 each

  • Lexy

    FYI… head over to coupons .com, they’ve reset the Al Fresco $2.00 one! Didn’t even have to input the other zip code, was able to find it righ away in mine, and printed off two more. Also, the B1G1 Littlest Pet shop reset too. Will make great presents for my niece’s upcoming birthday and for Christmas!

    • Cindy

      @Lexy, Lexy I am not seeing the Al Fresco reset. Are you seeing that at a certain zip?

  • Jacqueline

    Which SR has them for $1.49? They are $2.49 in Tallman, NY Still a great deal

    • Cindy

      @Jacqueline, These are the breakfast sausage not the regular. It could be that some of the stores do not carry the breakfast sausage

  • Lexy

    Here is the zip I used: 08021. The day before, I used the zip code you had said to use. Hope it works for you!

    • EVONNE

      Lexy i see ur in a zip code close to mine, do you find a lot of the coupons that are listed are different values or not in ur coupon packs at all?

  • Lexy

    ok… so I just had a gf try it on hers with 08021, and it didn’t work! (the littlest pet shop reset did work for her) And I know I’ve printed off 4 coupons off of in addition to the other link from the manufacturer’s website from this particular computer. So I went back to, and saw that while I had thought I had used 08021, I didn’t.. I didn’t have any zipcode plugged in, and it was right on the first page. Hope it works for some of you.

  • Lexy

    Yea, it worked for her! Go to, and DO NOT put in zipcode, you’ll be able to see 2.00 coupon for al fresco chicken sausage. For me it was on the first page, for her it was on the third page… keep looking, you’ll find it!! 🙂 🙂

    • @Lexy, Hi Lexy, what zip code are you in? I live in CT and they are not offering this coupon in my area. Thanks Christine

      • Shannon

        I got it in CT under my zipcode….06786

  • Gen

    Quick question. Do the interent coupons have to be printed in color? If I print in B&W will the store give me a problem?

    • Lexy


      Gen, they shouldn’t.
      In fact, Shoprite is being so ridiculous about coupons right now that I tried to use a coupon the other day in color (and I had just changed my ink cartridge, so it printed off really good… lol) and was accused of it being a photo copy! LOL

      As long as it has a website address from where it’s from (or an address where the store can redeem the money for the coupon) a vald expiration date, etc you should be good to go! If anyone tries to give you a hassle about B&W or colored coupons just politely ask for a store manager!

  • Kristine

    For this great money maker I am having my brother print me another 4 from his house LOL! I have like 11 packages now and 2 of the breakfast sausage. Going over a friends tonight and am bringing over the Buffalo Sausage, hopefully it is good!

  • Lexy


    Buffalo Sausage one is great, had it on the grill last night!
    And btw, he should be able to print 6 (LOL) . On, use the zipcode Cathy first gave, and the second time around use *NO* zipcode. So in other words, you’ll be able to print 4 from and two from the other link. Amazing!

  • steph

    lexy thanks for the tip. was able to print two more q. after typing in no zip! thanks!

  • The coupon is not available on my, it doesn’t appear they are offering it in CT. I was able to print it off the zip code first suggested but is there another zip I can try?

  • angela

    You can also sign up on their website and print another 2 $1.00 off coupons. Also I went tonight and got some, the $1.00 coupons went through fine, but the $2.00 off ones beeped ( i was at self checkout) I did buy the $2.49 packs so it should not have been a problem. Going back tomorrow for more.

  • Yeah I found the zip that worked!!!! For everyone that used the first zip suggested (30015) and the brick coupon website, there is additional coupons at zip code 08890 on Going to Shoprite tomorrow to do some serious stocking up!
    Happy Memorial Day Everyone!

  • FYI, they price adjusted down for my breakfast sausage so no money maker for me. But, hey free is still great! 🙂

  • Stephanie

    In North Bergen and Hoboken SR now has a policy of 1 free item per coupon – whether the q is doubled, free, or otherwise. I almost prefer paying a few cents and getting all four items rather than be limited to 1 free item per transaction. Are you running into this problem now and how are you handling it?

  • Anna

    where are the breakfast sausages located? I found the other ones easily, but had trouble locating the breakfast ones (checked two different areas). Please help. Thanks!