ShopRite: Honest Tea Moneymaker – Round 2!

Do you remember that Honest Tea Catalina that was at Stop & Shop?  It worked for some and not for others.  Well it appears to be the same deal happening at ShopRite.  A Catalina has printed at ShopRite with this information:

Catalina Deal:
Honest Ice Tea or Honest Ade (16.9 fl oz)
5/8 – 5/30

Buy 1 Get $0.75 Catalina
Buy 2 Get $1.50 Catalina
Buy 4 Get $3.00 Catalina

I think the key to this deal working is to make sure that you get the 16.9 oz bottles.  I believe there are bottles that are 16 oz which are the ones that are not working.  These are not on sale this week but they still make for a great deal.

Deal Idea:
Buy 4 Honest Tea (16.9 fl oz) $1.49
-(4)$0.50/1 Honest Tea Printable
Pay: 1.96
Get a $3.00 Catalina
free + $1.00 Moneymaker

Note: See Dawns comment below for info on the printing of these coupons.  (Thanks Dawn for the heads up!)

Let us know if you get this one working!  I’m going to try it on Friday f I can find the coupons I already printed.

(Thanks SD!)

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  • Dawn

    FYI : You can only print 2 coupons per computer. It acts like it lets you print mote but just prints a coupon that says you exceeded your household limit!! Just wanted to save others paper and ink.

    • Cindy

      @Dawn, Good point. I remember that now. Thanks, I add that in!

  • Dawn

    My Shoprite did not have Honest tea or ade…… Anyone know if there is a Shoprite in Somerset county or near there that has it??

    • Chris

      Hi Dawn: does the shop rite by wegmans (on 202/206 near the county college) have honest tea? that is a huge shop rite….

  • Rachel

    My Shop Rite didn’t have the honets iceteas either, BUT I went over to Acme and decided to take a chance and buy 4 of the 16.9oz in the plastic containers. AND it WORKED!!! I got back a $3 catalina for buy the 4 Honest Teas at Acme. I used 4 $.50/1, the price was $1.59 less $1 for doubled coupons, so $2.36 coupons and recive a $3 catalina!!!

  • Stacey

    Awwwwe schnap! I have $5 Cats from the deal earlier this week at ACME! I’m trying this! The girls will love it if I get them a couple of these for the larder!

  • Diane R.

    I went to Shoprite in Lyndhurst and bought 2 of the 16.9 oz bottles using 2 coupons. No catalina printed out, but then I noticed that my Shake n Bake cat didn’t print out either. So I asked the cashier if her Cat machine was working, and she replied very nonchalantly ” no, it’s not working”. So I went to the courtesy desk and they scanned the Honest Ades and the Shake n Bakes and both Cats printed out there. But if I hadn’t read here about these cat deals, I wouldn’t have even known to go to courtesy. I think if a Cat machine isn’t working, there should be a “Not Working” sign on it to give shoppers the chance to go to another lane if they want to. It’s not fair for shoppers who don’t know about these Cats to not get the coupons they deserve.

  • kathy

    I was surprised to get this cat this week. Didn’t know it was available, but I had two $.50/1 which doubled to $1, so I bought them because I like them!
    Got the $1.50 cat.

  • Kate

    The Honest Tea coupons are through e-centives. And e-centives doesn’t do the “two prints per COMPUTER” thing. Rather it’s “two prints per USER” on each computer. So if you make more than one user on your computer, you will be able to print two coupons for each one. (This also works on Target coupons because they are also through e-centives.)

    • Jamie

      @Kate, I just made a new account and it said that I’ve exceeded my household limit, so for me it’s working as 2 per computer.

      • Kate


        Did you make a new account on the Honest Tea site or a new “user” for your computer? — you have to be in a separate user profile on your own computer — and then you go to the Honest Tea site and make a new account. If you did both those things and it’s still not working then maybe someone fixed the loophole.

  • Ueen

    This may be out of topic but I am sure Cindy won’t stop me from posting, 🙂 and I will not stop my self from sharing either 🙂


    I got a print out from a Catalina machine this morning which says:

    Buy Kikkoman Marinades during purchase dates.
    Purchase dates: 05/21 – 06/13
    Purchase Requirements:
    Buy 1 and get .50
    Buy 2 and get 1.50
    Buy 3 or more and get 2.00


    • Cindy

      @Ueen, LOL, I’m glad you are sharing! I love to come on here and see everyone sharing their deals. I am only one person so it’s like have hundreds of extra eyes 🙂

      These are not on sale this week and right now I can’t find any coupons. Just the Ponzu sauce which isn’t considered a marinade. I’m waiting patiently to get my hands on the circular to see what is in store for Sunday.

      Thanks for sharing!!

  • Lori

    Here is a direct link to a pdf coupon for $1 off 2 Honest teas…exp. June 30. No print limit 🙂

    • Staci

      The Shoprite I went to today did not accept that coupon. The register beeped. I did not have a problem with the $.50/1 coupons.

      Thank you for all the great deals!

      • Anonymous

        The pdf coupons have to be manually’s something to do with the bar codes…but they are legitimate, and my Shoprite has no problem with them. This coupon came directly from the Honest Teas website…try telling the manager that when coupons are in pdf form, they do not get codes like the Bricks do…so the cashier just has to type in the numbers, and it works fine .

  • Terri

    I bought 4 Honest Teas at my Shoprite today, and they rang up $1.59 each on sale (not $1.49) and only the $1.50 cat printed out instead of the $$3 cat. I choose 4 different flavors so I don’t know if that made a difference, but they were all 16.9oz. I was a little bummed, but with the coupons, it was still only $.86 for 4 teas.

  • Stace

    Honest Tea is actually here at the Rio Grande market. The are giving away samples. The guy went to his car to get me some coupons! They are $10 for 10!

    • Stace

      @Stace, Oh! And they gavee a free shopping bag when I bought 5 bottles!

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  • These are 10/$10 this week at ShopRite. Is the Catalina definitely still working?