ShopRite Matchups 5/9 – 5/15

Here are your ShopRite match ups for the week of 5/9 – 5/15

All coupons $.99 and under are doubled in these match ups. If your ShopRite doubles differently, please adjust the final price accordingly. Also keep in mind that these coupon match ups are based on insert coupons found in the NJ, NY area. Other areas may have additional or different value coupons. Only the best value price coupons have been listed here. Make sure to check out the ShopRite Coupon Policy and be sure to check out the latest ShopRite deals.

Do Not Double Coupons: All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Some coupons will state “Do Not Double” on the coupon. This is a YMMV situation.

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New–>Airwick Freshmatic $4.88 – $4.99
use $4/1 Airwick Printable
as low as $0.88 each after coupon
(thanks Angela!)


Pepsi 12 Pack 4 for $12
Get a Free Bag of Tostitos Chips

Wise Potato Chips $1.89
$0.50/1 Wise 8.5 oz+
$0.89 each after coupon

Wheatables $2.00 (must buy 2)
use $1.50/1 Wheatables Printable
$1.50/1 Keebler Wheatable Nut Crisps or Wheatable Crackers (IE) or Printable (FF)
$0.50 each after coupon

Sun Chips $3.00
use $0.55/1 Sun Chips or Rold Gold 5/2/2010 SS Insert (exp 6/20/2010)
buy 2 and use $1/2 Baked Sun Chips or Rold Gold 5/2/2010 SS Insert (exp 6/20/2010)
$1.90 each after coupon

Oreo Cakesters $2.99
buy 2 and use $1/2 Chips Ahoy or Oreo Cookies
$2.49 each after coupon

Langers Grape Juice $2.50
buy 2 and use$1/2 Langers Printable
$2.00 each after coupon

Crystal Light Drink Mix $1.99
use $1/1 Crystal Light Pure Fitness Drink Mix
$0.99 each after coupon

Chef Boyardee Pasta $1.00
buy 4 and use $1.50/4 ConAgra Products
$0.63 each after coupon

Texas Toast Croutons $1.00
use $0.50/1 Texas Toast Croutons 3/21/2010 SS Insert (exp 6/30/2010)
or use $0.50/1 from the All You Magazine April
free after coupon

Starkist Albacore Tuna Pouch $1.25
use $0.50/1 StarKist Printable
or buy 2 and use $1/2 StarKist Pouch Products, any 2/14/2010 RP Insert (exp 5/9/2010)
or buy 2 and use $1/2 from the All You Magazine May
as low as $0.25 each after coupon

Orville Redenbacher $1.59
use $0.75/1 from the 3/28 SmartSource (cheese flavor)
$0.09 each after coupon

Idahoan Potatoes $0.79
buy 3 and use $0.75/3 Idahoan Potatoes 13 oz or smaller
$0.44 each after coupon

Carolina Rice Mix $0.67
buy 2 and use $0.75/2 Carolina Rice Mixes 4/25/2010 RP Insert (exp 7/31/2010)
free after coupon

Pop Tarts $1.67 (must buy 3)
buy 3 and use $1.25/3 Kellogg’s Pop Tarts 8 ct+ 3/28/2010 RP Insert (exp 5/23/2010)
$1.25 each after coupon

Thomas English Muffin $1.99
use $1/1 Thomas Honey Wheat from the All You Magazine March
$0.99 each after coupon

Duncan Hines Cake Mix $0.88
buy 2 and use $0.55/2 Duncan Hines Product 3/28/2010 SS #1 Insert (exp 6/27/2010)
$0.33 each after coupon

Duncan Hines Brownie Mix $1.25
buy 2 and use $0.55/2 Duncan Hines Product 3/28/2010 SS #1 Insert (exp 6/27/2010)
$1.40 each after coupon

Chock Full O Nuts Coffee $2.69
use $0.75/1 Chock Full o’ Nuts 3/28/2010 SS #1 Insert (exp 5/31/2010)
$1.19 each after coupon

M&M Candies 12.6 oz bag $1.99
B2G1 Free from the 5/2 RedPlum insert (12.6 oz bag or larger)
$1.33 each after coupon

Ken’s Salad Dressing $1.00
buy 2 and use $1/2 from the 5/9 SmartSource insert
$0.50 each after coupon


Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh meat $2.50
Get a Free Kraft Singles wyb 2($1.99)
buy 2 $1/2 Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Meats
$2.00 each after coupon + free Kraft Singles

International Delight Creamers $0.99
use $1/1 International Delight Creamers
or use $0.55/1 International Delight Coffee Creamer, 16 oz pint
or use $0.55/1 International Delight Coffee Creamer
or buy 2 and use $1/2 International Delight Quart 3/7/2010 SS Insert (exp 5/31/2010)
or use $0.55/1 International Delight Pint 3/7/2010 SS Insert (exp 5/31/2010)
as low as Free after coupon

Dannon Light & Fit 4 pk $1.67
buy 2 and use $1/2 from the 4/11 SmartSource insert
$1.17 each after coupon

Chobani Yogurt $1.00
buy 3 and use B2G1 Free Chobani Greek Yogurt (exp 5/22/2010)
$0.67 each after coupon

Best Life Margarine $1.67
use $1/1 Best Life Printable
or use $1/1 Bestlife Products, any
or use $1/1 Bestlife Buttery Spray or Spread, any (exp 6/2/2010)
or use $1/1 Bestlife Spread or Spray 4/18/2010 RP Insert (exp 6/27/2010)
or use $1/1 from the All You Magazine April
$0.67 each after coupon

Organic Batter Blaster $4.49
Get 4Grain Eggs Free ($1.99)
use $1/1 Organic Batter Blaster Pancake & Waffle Batter (PDF) (exp 8/31/2010)
$3.39 each after coupon + free eggs

Olivia’s Organic Salad $2.99
use $1/1 Olivia’s Printable
$1.99 each after coupon


Lean Cuisine $2.00
buy 4 and use $1/4 Lean Cuisine Entrees, any (IE) or Printable (FF)
or buy 5 and use $1/5 Lean Cuisine 5/2/2010 SS Insert (exp 8/1/2010)
as low as $1.75 each after coupon

Hot Pockets $1.67
buy 3 and use $1/3 Hot Pockets 4/25/2010 RP Insert (exp 7/25/2010)
$1.34 each after coupon

Banquet Meals $1.00
buy 4 and use $1.50/4 ConAgra Products
$0.63 each after coupon

Luigi’s Italian Ice $1.99
use $0.50/1 Luigi’s Real Italian Ice 5/2/2010 RP Insert (exp 7/5/2010)
$0.99 each after coupon

Whole Fruit Bars or Sorbet $2.66
use $0.50/1 Whole Fruit Fruit Bar 3/28/2010 RP Insert (exp 5/28/2010)
$1.66 each after coupon

Bagel Bites $2.66
use $1/1 Bagel Bites
$1.66 each after coupon

Pillsbury Toaster Strudel $2.50
buy 2 and use $0.55/2 Pillsbury Printable
or buy 2 and use $0.55/2 Pillsbury Toaster Strudel 3/7/2010 SS Insert (exp 5/29/2010)
$1.90 each after coupon

Mrs. T’s Pierogies $3.00
buy 3 and use $1/3 Mrs. T Pierogies
or buy 3 and use $1/3 Mrs. T Pierogies, Boxes 5/2/2010 RP Insert (exp 7/31/2010)
or buy 2 and use $1/2 Mrs. T’s Pierogies 3/14/2010 RP Insert (exp 6/30/2010)
as low as $1.67 each after coupon

Birds Eye Steamfresh $2.50
use $0.50/1 Birds Eye Steamfresh 4/18/2010 SS Insert (exp 5/16/2010)
or use $0.50/1 Birdseye Steamfresh Products 5/2/2010 SS Insert (exp 5/30/2010)
$1.50 each after coupon


Butterball Ground Turkey $1.99
use $0.75/1 Butterball Ground Turkey Printable
$0.49 each after coupon


Angel Soft 24 pack $5.49
use $0.50/1 Angel Soft Toilet Paper
or use $0.50/1 Angel Soft Rolls 6 ct 2/14/2010 RP Insert (exp 5/14/2010)
$4.49 each after coupon

Scotties Facial Tissues $1.00 (must buy 3)
use $0.50/1 Scotties Facial Tissue 60 – 264 ct Single or Multi Pack
free after coupon

Ziploc Sandwich Bags $1.66
use $0.40/1 Ziploc Brand Bags 3/21/2010 SS Insert (exp 5/15/2010)
or use $1/2 Ziploc Brand Bags 3/21/2010 SS Insert (exp 5/15/2010)
as low as $0.86 each after coupon

Vanity Fair Napkins $1.99
use $0.50/1 Vanity Fair Napkins 3/14/2010 RP Insert (exp 6/30/2010)
$0.99 each after coupon

Lysol Cleaners $1.88
use $0.75/1 from the 4/25 SmartSource insert
or use $1/1 Lysol Disinfecting Wipes 4/25/2010 SS Insert (exp 5/25/2010)
or use $1/2 Lysol Disinfecting Wipes 4/25/2010 SS Insert (exp 5/25/2010)
or use $0.50/1 Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner 2/7/2010 SS Insert (exp 5/8/2010)
or use $0.50/1 Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner 4/25/2010 SS Insert (exp 5/25/2010)
or use $0.50/1 Lysol All Purpose Cleaner Pourable
or use $0.50/1 Lysol Cleaner 2/7/2010 SS Insert (exp 5/8/2010)
or use $0.50/1 Lysol Cleaner Pourable 4/25/2010 SS Insert (exp 5/25/2010)
or use $0.50/1 Lysol Bathroom Cleanerr 4/25/2010 SS Insert (exp 5/25/2010)
as low as $0.38 each after coupon

Windex Glass Cleaners $2.49
use $1/1 Windex Product
or use $1/1 Windex Product 3/21/2010 SS Insert (exp 5/16/2010)
or buy 2 and use $1/2 Windex Cleaning Products 3/21/2010 SS Insert (exp 5/16/2010)
or use $1/1 from the 5/9 SS insert
as low as $1.49 each after coupon

Purex 2X Laundry Detergent $1.99
use $0.35/1 Purex Natural Elements Detergent or Fabric Softener
or use $0.35/1 Purex Detergent 4/18/2010 RP Insert (exp 5/15/2010)
or use $0.55/1 Purex Fabric Softener 4/18/2010 RP Insert (exp 5/15/2010)
as low as $0.89 each after coupon

Fantastik Cleaner $1.99
use $0.75/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Cleaner 3/21/2010 SS Insert (exp 5/16/2010)
$0.49 each after coupon

Rayovac Batteries $1.49
use $1/1 Rayovac Batteries, any (Facebook Promo)
$0.49 each after coupon

No Nonsense Knee High $1.49
buy 2 and use $1/2 No Nonsense Product 3/21/2010 SS Insert (exp 6/30/2010)
$0.99 each after coupon

This is the first week to use your $5.00 off Purina if you did the Purina deal

Tidy Cats Cat Litter $9.99
use $1/1 Tidy Cats Printable
or use $1/1 Purina Tidy Cats Cat Litter 5/2/2010 SS Insert (exp 8/2/2010)
$8.99 each after coupon

Purina dog & Cat Treats 20% off
use $1/1 Purina Friskies Printable
or use $1/1 Purina Friskies Cat Treats any 5/2/2010 SS Insert (exp 8/2/2010)
or use $1/1 Purina Friskies Brand Cat Treats, any

Friskies Cat Food 3.15 lb bag $4.00 (must buy 2)
use $1/1 Purina Friskies Brand Dry Cat Food, 3.15 lb +
or use $1/1 Friskies 5/2/2010 SS Insert (exp 8/2/2010)
or use $1/1 Friskies Printable
$3.00 each after coupon


Schick Hydro 5 Razor $4.99
use $5/1 from the 5/9 SmartSource insert
free after coupon

Mennen Speedstick $0.99
use $0.75/1 Lady Speedstick Stainguard Deodorant
or use $0.50/1 from the 4/25 SmartSource insert (DND9) will not double
as low as free after coupon

Excedrin Extra Strength 24 ct $1.74
use $1/1 Excedrin Back and Body 24 ct+
or use $1/1 Excedrin Express Gels 20 ct+
or use $1/1 Excedrin Migrane 24 ct+
or use $1/1 Excedrin PM 20 ct+
or use $1/1 Excedrin product 20ct+  4/25/2010 SS Insert (exp 6/27/2010)
$0.74 each after coupon

Pure Protein Bar $1.25 (must buy 4)
buy 2 and use BOGO Free Pure Protein Printable
or buy 2 and use B1G1 Pure Protein Bar (up to $1.59) 4/25/2010 RP Insert (exp 6/5/2010)
or use $1/1 from the All You magazine May
as low as $0.25 each after coupon

TRESemme Hair Products $2.99
buy 2 and use B1G1 FREE Tresemme Fresh Start
$1.50 each after coupon


1/2 Flat Annuals $5.99

Premium Annuals $2.50 (must buy 4)

Red Seedless Grapes $0.99/lb

SR Large Eggs $0.99


Juicy Juice $0.99
buy 2 and use $1/2 Nestle Juicy Juice Products
$0.49 each after coupon

Kingsford Charcoal $9.99
use $2/1 Kingsford Briquets 3/14/2010 SS Insert (exp 5/15/2010)
$7.99 each after coupon


Edys: Buy $12 Get $4
This is working on shelf prices but they have lowered the prices for the sale. I’ll update on Monday morning.

Edy’s Dibs 9 oz ($3.99) $3.00

Eskimo Pie Bars ($4.29)$3.00

Haagen dazs Cups or Edy’s Cups ($1.00) $1.00
buy 3 and use $1/3 from the All You Magazine May

Edy’s Ice Cream ($4.49) $2.50

Haagen Dazs 14 oz ($3.50) $1.66

There may be other items on sale as well. We’ll update this as the week goes on. So far, this is a deal I see if it is working on shelf price:

Buy 4 Haagen Dazs 14 oz ($3.50 x 4) $6.64
Get a $4.00 Catalina
$0.66 each after catalina

ShopRite Brand Health & Beauty: Buy $20 Get $10

There are a lot of products listed. See your circular.
Note: If this is working on shelf price, you could score some good deals here. For instance:

ShopRite fish Oil 1200 mg ($12.99) $6.49

Buy 2 Fish Oil ($12.99 x 2) $12.98
Get a $10 Catalina
$1.49 each after coupon

Crest: Buy 1 of each Get $5.00

Crest Toothpaste 3D, Pro health, Premium $2.49
$0.75/1 Crest Toothpaste 4 oz+ 5/2/2010 P&G Insert (exp 5/31/2010)

Crest 3D Vivid White Rinse $5.99
$0.75/1 Crest Rinse 5/2/2010 P&G Insert (exp 5/31/2010)

Oral B 3D Vivid White Toothbrush $2.99

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  • Jamie

    I couldn’t find the butterball ground turkey coupon at smartsource are they out of prints or do I need a specific zip code? I did manage to find one here

    • Janet

      Thanks so much Jamie! This worked for me.

  • Eric

    I have a question please!!!! I did the Purina deal and I’m a little confused how this will work out. The 4.5 lb bag of Dog Chow is 5.49 at the New City Shoprite. Can I give the 5.00 cat(says store coupon) and a 2.00 MFG coupon??? Would this work or would the register give a problem being I’m submitting 7.00 in coupons for a 5.49 item. Thanks

    • Cindy

      @Eric, Hey Eric, That’s a good question and I was wondering that myself. My thought is that it should work. I believe it’s acting like a regular catalina but looking for a purina product in your order. I even think it will work if you purchased a purina product for $1.00.
      Does that make sense. I’m not sure if my explanation was clear.

      • Anonymous


        I am not sure if this may sound like a similar situation but let me just share this with you. Months ago I did the Kraft/Coca Cola Product Catalina where the Cat stated Kraft/Coke Products. I was curious to know how the register would react, so I used $3.oo Cat to pay for coke product (2 liter coke) priced at $1.33. The register took it without problems and the overage was applied to the rest of the non coke/non kraft products that I purchased.


        • Cindy

          @, Yeap, that is exactly how I think the Purina cat will work. I think it’s just looking for the product, not necessarily the amount. Thanks for sharing!!

        • Eric

          @, Thanks Guys, I’ll give it a whirl around 10:00 am and report back if there is a problem!!!!!!

          Happy Mothers Day to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Eric

          @, Sorry, no concrete evidence, but I think it’s how you both suggested. One of the cats didn’t scan and she put it in as 5.00 grocery!!!!! So it worked, but not by computer only!!!!!!

  • Meg

    I just printed one Jamie. Use zipcode 07751.

    • Jamie

      @Meg, Thanks, that zip worked!

  • Is there a zip for the Starkist or is it already gone?

    • Cindy

      @Christine, I had the wrong link. I changed it so you can get it now.

  • Angela

    Shop Rite also has the Airwick Freshmatic on sale for $4.88 and there’s a Q for $4.00 off.

    • Anonymous

      These weren’t tagged at my store 🙁

      BTW I got 15 cans of Friskies and used the $1 and $5. Of course the cat food was more than $5 so I don’t know if the overage would apply to the rest of your order.

  • Tricia

    Hello, what zip code can I find the Pure Protein Bars?

    • Cindy

      @Tricia, It looks like the Pure Protein bars coupon is gone

  • lisa

    does anyone know if the edy’s catalina is limit one per household?

  • Cindy

    You can do the catalinas over and over again.

  • Shannon

    Fisher almonds and walnuts are on sale….the walnuts are $1.74 for 2 cup bag and there was a $1/1 printable and recently in the newspaper (the almonds I think were a little higher priced, $2.44)….

  • amy

    i went and bought 4 Haaga daz 14oz ice cream and the catalina did not print! be warned the catalina does not work on self price!

    • Cindy

      @amy, ah pooh! LOL, I was so hoping it was. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll update the post.

      • Cindy

        @Cindy, okay update. It is working on shelf but they have lowered prices. Sort of like knockdown. I’ll update in the morning with a new deal.

  • Kristine

    FYI the French’s Spicy Brown, Honey Mustard, and Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce is on sale for 1.50 this week and there is a .50 off coupon off of one in the SS 5/9, doubled making it .50 cents to buy, I got 3 since my son loves the honey mustard!

  • Lexy

    Cashed in on 3 ($5 off) Purina catalinas.

    We bought:

    (1) 35 lb bucket of Tidy Cat (on sale for $11.99)
    Used ($1 off any tiday cat coupon)
    Which brought total down to : $10.99
    Then we purchased 15 cans of friskies (original sale was 10/$4.42)
    But we got 15, bc I had $1.00 off 15 cans

    This was all scanned in one transaction, so total would have been:

    $18.51 total before coupons
    -2.00 manufacturing coupons
    -15.00 Purina catalina
    $1.51 out of pocket expense

    However, they didn’t let me use my $1.00 off purina cans coupon bc they said they could only honor up to the $5 catalina ticket. *sigh*

    I was able to however use all three catalinas I gained over the past two weeks on on purchase, instead of breaking it up… so that’s good! I didn’t want to make a big deal out of $1, but man! I work so hard on making sure I get the best deals for my hard earned money (as we all do), I just very dissapointed the cashier and mgr didn’t really get what I was trying to point out. Oh well!

  • can anyone tell me where you’re finding the link to the Olivia’s Salad coupon? i can’t find it in my zipcode. Thanks!

  • Barbara A

    I’m sorry I don’t mean to complain but some of this post is missing. It says use and then it doesn’t say what the coupon is or where to find them. It isn’t just once so I think there must be something wrong that you aren’t aware of? Thank you so much. I really appreciate all your hard work. I save so much money.

    • Cindy

      @Barbara A, Hey Barbara, Yes I’m aware of it. I have had problems all night with the site that I am working on. I can tell you that when it happens, you can refresh one or 2 times and they appear. That is just a temporary fix until I have it resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Barbara A

    I don’t know what happened but the links are now all there. Thank you.

  • Stella

    It looks like the TRESemme Coupon is gone 🙁

  • Jess Holland


  • Melissa

    So I just got back from Lakewood Shoprite, which I hate and never go to but instead of driving out of my way to go to Jackson I went anyway against my better judgement and what a wasted trip…they refused all of my Smartsource coupons!! They said they can’t take any coupons without the dots in the upper right corner as with coupons that print off of I was aggravated, I had to put back all my ground turkey and a bunch of other stuff. BEWARE OF LAKEWOOD SHOPRITE!!!

  • Chris

    I didn’t see this deal in the SR circular, but when I was sorting by unit price on the Shoprite From Home site. The CapriSuns are $2.19 for 10 pouches. There is a coupon expiring on 5/23 for $1/1 CapriSun Sunrise product. It’s not as good a deal as the Juicy Juice cans, but I have my toddler’s birthday party at a playground next week, so $1.19 for 10 juice pouches is not bad.

  • Kristine

    Skinny water is 1.00 at Shoprite right now, there is a coupon here
    for 0.50/1, doubled makes them FREE!

  • Qian

    There are a lot of Shoprite vitamins on sale of 50% off. With the offer of $10 catalina when you buy $20 ( which is based on shelf price). So actually, it is a $10 catalina when you buy $10 off shoprite vitamins. So I had a very good deal today.

    I bought :
    shoprite calcium 600 vitamin D (paid $6.74)
    shoprite vitamin C 100 tablets ( paid $3.29)
    got a $10 catalina

    So, it cost me only $0.03.

    And this offer rolls. I also bought a fish oil (250 ct) at $0.49.

    Not all the vitamins are listed in the flyer. You can check it out in store or in the shoprite website.

    • Cindy

      @Qian, Yay! Thank you for confirming that. I suspected it might be but I wasn’t sure. Awesome deal. I will put up a separate post for it. Thanks for letting us know!!

  • vicky

    oscar mayer deli fresh meats, on sale 2/5
    buy 2, get 1 kraft singles free.

    use 2 1/1 coupons:

  • Ana-Maria

    Does anyone know if I can use the $1.00 off Degree men or women deodorant coupon on the ones on sale for $.98 this week?