ShopRite: New Catalina For Juicy Juice – Only $0.24 Each

Reader Jenni send me an email to let me know a sweet deal she got this morning at ShopRite.  She got a $2.00 Catalina when she bought 8 of the Juicy Juice cans that are on sale for $0.99.  With no other information on this, I’m not sure if the 8 are required for the Catalina to print or if it will print with a lesser amount purchased.  So, for right now, until we here otherwise.  Here is your deal:

Buy 8 Juicy Juice Cans $0.99 (make sure to buy at least 2 different varieties)
-(4)$1/2 Juicy Juice Printable (will need 2 computers)
Pay: $3.92
Get a $2.00 Catalina
$0.24 each after coupon

If you try this with less and score a catalina let us know.

(Thanks Jenni!)

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  • Anonymous

    Darn – bought all mine last night and didn’t get a CAT at all. Frustrated here.

    • Cindy

      @, just out of curiosity, how many did you buy. I’m trying to determine what generated the cat. Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      @, I bought 8 last night, though the light on the CAT machine was blinking and I told the cashier it was out of paper. Perhaps 8 was the right #.

    • Jill

      I bought 8 today and didn’t get one. I made sure the light was on!

  • Marisa

    could the $2 cat possibly be from the shoprite program we recently signed up for (you posted) and not from the juicy juice??

    • Cindy

      @Marisa, Hmm, well that is possible. I’ll see if I can find that out. I’ll ask her if it said YourBucks on it.

  • Freda

    I bought the last 10 this afternoon and I got a $2.00 Catalina. It says $2.00 Compliments of Nestle with an expiration date of 5/29/10. Hope that helps.

  • Janey

    I bought 2 cans and got a $1 Catalina, also compliments of Nestle

    • Anna

      @Janey, what flavors did you buy?

      • Janey

        @Anna, I bought 4 apple. I did go back to buy more yesterday at the same store. However, no Catalina this time. Strange!

  • Sally

    I bought 8 tonight and got nothing. I would be interested to find out how to get my catalina.

  • Joanie

    I bought 8 and no cat 🙁 I wonder if it is a flavor thing????

    • Cindy

      @Joanie, I’m not sure. It seems so random. It prints for some and not for others and with different quantities. I can’t seem to figure it out. Probably by the time we do, the sale will be over. But, the good thing is, they are still a great price even without the catalina.

  • Rebecca

    i bought 4 and got the $2.00. I wonder if it is the your bucks because i had not gotten my $2 yet. who knows!!
    i also got an upcoming catalina deal coupon on velveeta shell n cheese cups 5/17- 6/13:
    buy 2-.50
    3- $1
    4+ -$1.50
    don’t know if you already had this one…

    • Cindy

      @Rebecca, The YourBucks has the YourBucks label on it . If it was for the Juicy Juice it would say Nestle. What does yours say. I’m so interested because this one has me stumped.
      Thanks for sharing!

      • Rebecca

        it says nestle, i think you are right and we will never know!!

  • Emmie

    Just to let everyone know. I bought 8 and I did not get a cat. 🙁

  • Kristine

    I got 8 and NO Catalina. Bummer…still a great price though and I am well stocked on good juice for my 2 yr old!

    • Cindy

      @Kristine, This deal has to be on flavors. That the only thing I can figure. It’s sort of like that Stop & Shop Honest Tea. They wound up being the plastic bottles not the glass. Go figure!

      • Kristine

        @Cindy, Oh well I have done so well this week and they were a good price, I can handle it 🙂
        FYI I got 4 Apple Juice, 2 Grape, 1 Fruit Punch, and 1 Cherry, so it definitely isn’t any combo of those.