Super Shopping Trip = Scored Lots of Freebies!

Wow, what a busy weekend.  My daughter was here in New Jersey playing against Rutgers so we were able to spend a lot of time with her over the weekend and then she had to go back 🙁 .  Because of that I did most of my shopping on Thursday and Friday starting with Stop & Shop.

I used my 2 Free milk Catalinas from the GM Cereal deal, picked up Free Wacky Mac and scored 2 Free Freschetta Pizzas.  I have Free Freschetta coupons to giveaway coming up within the next day so stay tuned.  It was quite yummy!

So here I spend $1.34 which was just the price of the frozen broccoli.

Then I hit ShopRite for last weeks sale.  Took advantage of a lot of deals including the Sorrento Cheese, Hefty bags, Nabisco 100 Cal, ConAgra and more.  Here I spent $25.34 out of pocket and had used some catalinas to pay.  But I received a $4.00 Catalina for the Nabisco, $8.00 for the ConAgra and will be getting $15 back in rebates from the Sorrento.  So it was a pretty sweet deal for all this.

And then I went back to ShopRite on Sunday night to pick up the Butterball Ground Turkey and a few other freebies.  I did want to try out the Edy’s deal as I had heard that it wasn’t working on shelf prices.

But, while I was there, I noticed that they had dropped the shelf prices down.  I tried it based on the new shelf prices and it did work.  Here is what I bought.

2 Edy’s 48 oz ($2.99 ) $2.50 each
2 Haagen Daz 14 oz ($2.66) $1.66 each
1 Haagen Daz Cup ($1.25) $1.00

Paid: $9.32
Get a $4.00 Catalina

It’s not the best deal out there but it did work. This deal is also available at Acme if you have one by you. There shelf prices are usually higher so it would make a sweeter deal but I don’t have the shelf prices yet. As I do I will post them.

Here is spent $5.73 after using some catalinas to pay. Plus I have a $4.00 catalina from the deal. Also, I still have $10 in catalinas that can’t be used till the end of the month.

Total spent this week:$41.00 which included a trip to the Farmers Market (working on a farmers market list).  Have $14 in catalinas still to use.

How did you guys to?  Score any great deals?

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  • On Saturday I got 4 packages of sorrento cheese, 10 cans of diced tomatoes and 4 boxes of the 100 pack snacks for $8.36. I use some catalina’s, plus got $5 in Extra bucks to use toward the end of the month, plus will send in for $10.00 rebate for the cheese. This was a great trip to Shoprite. Thanks for all the help in getting me great deals!

    I’m just planning out my shopping for the week and I just want to be sure I understand the whole edy’s deal, it is working right? What brands are included?

  • Erika

    Hi. I sent my mom to pick up 8 packages of Butterball ground turkey & when she came back home and showed me the reciept only the first for butterball coupons doubled. Is there a limit how many of a like coupon can be doubled?? Im new at shopping at shop rite, but i though all 8 coupons should have been doubled. If i go back with my reciept do you think they’ll refund me for the 4 coupons that didnt double? thanks

    • Cindy

      @Erika, Hey Erika, Well all Shoprites have a slightly different coupon policy but I have found that most of them will only double the first 4. That is the case with mine ShopRite and it sounds like that is how yours is too. Just ask at customer service.
      Honestly I’m not sure if how they will handle it but it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask.

  • erika

    Is it only 4 coupons get doubled per transaction or only 4 if its the same coupons?, thanks for clearing this up for me.

    • Cindy

      @erika, That is where things differ. My ShopRite only allows 4 like coupons but some ShopRite take 4 like coupons and double them and then allow you to use more coupons but do not double them. Check with at Customer service and see what their rules are. Although Shoprite has a basic overall policy, each ShopRite is individually owned and their rules change slightly from store to store.