Super Shopping Trip

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Honestly, the last thing on my mind this weekend was going food shopping.  If you follow LRWC on facebook you probably already heard the sad news in our house.  We had to put down our beloved dog Toby yesterday and I am really having a hard time with it.  He was at my side for 16 years and although I know he lived a long life, I miss him so much.  I miss him at my feet, following me everywhere.  So, it’s been a hard weekend and shopping was not top on my list.

I did get a trip into ShopRite on Friday to pick up one last package of ground turkey, more of the free vitamins and some other odds and ends.  Here I spent $8.54 after using some catalinas to pay and got back a $10 catalina on the vitamins.

Then today, we had to make a trip out to my in laws house and it just so happened that there is an Acme along the way so we stopped there to take advantage of their GM Catalina deal.  It actually was a fun trip as my husband and 2 of my kids came in with me and we split up into 2 groups and did our 2 transactions rather quickly.  For all this I paid $6.15 out of pocket and have $7.00 in catalinas.

So for everything I bought I have  more in catalinas then I actually spent out of pocket.  That’s what I call some good deals 🙂

I will be heading back to Acme and to the Farmers Market during the week when I feel up to it.  I also would like to stop at A&P to take advantage of their $1.88/lb chicken.

How did you do this weekend.  Score any good deals?