Super Shopping Weekend = An Overstuffed Freezer!

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Are You Ready?  This weekend was a huge super shopping trip.  And my out of pocket will surprise you at first until you see what I bought.

A&P and Pathmark



Pathmark, Target, Farmer's Market

Target & Babies R Us

Did you take all that in?  Wow, lots of stuff, right?.  I had told you I needed to stock back up on meat and that is exactly what I did and then some.  My total out of pocket for all of this was….$102.82!  Wow, when was the last time you saw me spend that much money?  But, I’ve been so under my budget every single week for quite a while now that I had plenty of money to get all of this.  Here is the break down:

Spent out of pocket: $102.82
Have Left: $8.00 Catalina at ShopRite & $10 Target Gift Cards
Total Amount of Groceries: $429.70
Over a 75% savings for the following:

48 lbs of meat including:

  • 6 lbs sausage (Al Fresco)
  • 8 lbs Hot Dogs
  • 12 lbs London Broil
  • 8 lbs Ground Beef
  • 14 lbs Chicken

6- 1/2 gallons of Ice Cream
4 packs Razors
4 packs Cheese
2 bottles Relish
1 Tostitos
1 Tostitos Salsa
2 jars Pickles
10 Sobe Water
1 Scrubbing Bubbles Sprayer
2 Armour All Products
2 John Frieda Mousse
1 Package Nexcare Bandages
4 boxes Lipton Tea
4 12 packs Coke
2 Utz Potato chips
2 boxes Garbage Bags
2 packages Hamburger Rolls
2 rolls Toilet Paper
1 package cotton swabs
6 Olay Facial cleasers
3 Method Laundry detergents
8 Steak Rolls
2 Peppers
4 Peaches
1 container Blackberries
4 Apples
1 Package Romaine Lettuce
2 Zucchini
2 Fresh Broccoli
3 ears of corn

Wow, wow, wow! I’m exhausted and my freezer is stuffed. Which makes me very happy!!

How did you do this weekend?