The End Of An Era!

So, I hope you don’t mind an old momma posting up some pictures of her baby. Cause today was a sad day in our house. My daughter Megan has played her last game of softball. After picking up a ball at the age of five, it’s been such a part of her life and ours. Many, many years of traveling all around the country, sleeping in hotel rooms weekend after weekend so she could finally fulfill her dream of playing at the Division I level.

And, through lots and lots of hard work, that dream came true at the University of Pittsburgh. And today in Louisville, at the Big East tournament, it all came to an end. She took off her cleats for the very last time. Tears were shed by her and by me. And my husband stopped and sighed, I heard him even if he won’t admit it.

We can only look back at all her accomplishments and know that these are lifetime memories that she will have forever.

Hail to Pitt!
Megan Livesey #5

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  • Cindy,

    Congrats on Megan’s success. You should be very proud of her. Go Meg!

  • Coupon King

    Great stuff! Glad Megan was able to return from the injury to finish out her career.

  • Rosanne

    Congratulations! I’m sure she will be just as talented and dedicated to whatever she chooses to do next.

  • TK

    Congrats! You must be so proud! My daughter is 5 and on her first softball team this year (and loving it!). Thanks for all you do. I won’t walk into a store without checking here first!

  • Denise

    Congratulations!! Beautiful girl. I have 3 kids, 1 boy graduated last year playing baseball in college and my “baby” just started college playing baseball. Lots of fun & memories. Daughter played softball up to college – traveled all summers with her up and down the east coast. Cannot take away the memories. Thank you for all you do here!!!

  • casey

    Congrats to her!!! It’s always nice to hear of someone accomplishing their dreams. 🙂

  • Cindy

    Thanks for sharing, Cindy! I am a softball Mama too — although my baby is sidelined right now with a broken leg from a catching collision. With my 2 sons in baseball, spring and summer is always a blast! Great memories for everyone.

  • Kristin

    I am 27 and played softball since I was 7 – local teams, school teams, travel teams. My family and I traveled all over the country as well and it was just as sad when I played my last college game and my parents came onto the field with flowers and balloons. I LOVE the game of softball! It has taught me so much and allowed me to see so many places. I now have two girls (twin 7-month olds) – I can’t wait to play catch with them!

  • Joanie


  • Ueen

    Ohhhhh… Made me shed tears too. Thanks for sharing Cindy.

    Go Megan…..

  • Lauren


  • Reesa L.

    Congrats to your daughter & to you and your husband as well!!!!