Walgreens: Free Always With Free U By Kotex

Update: Just a heads up that this may have turned into a $$ off coupon now.

I went over to Walgreens tonight to work the Neutrogena deal and make some other purchaes.  First, they were all out of Ecotrin so that kinda  messed me up but, I wound up getting a Register Reward for a Free Always Liner when I purchased the U by Kotex liners.  So, I received U by Kotex for Free and then I also got an Always liner for free.  So 2 free liners for the price of none 🙂  My kinda deal.

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  • I’ve gotten this coupon several times now! I think I’m stocked up on feminine hygiene products for many months to come.

  • marie

    I did the Kotex deal and got $1.50 coupon for playtex gentle glide.

  • amy

    i went to walgreens and here is the breakdown: when you buy the u liners, you get a free always liners coupon (up to $5), the u pads produce always pad coupon, and the u tampons produce the $1.50 coupon for playtex gentle glide

  • Purvi

    I just came back from Walgreens. First of all thanks for your post on Neutrogena soap. I bought them by using my previous register rewards and paid only tax and earned 10 dollars back in reward. Love neutrogena produts!

    I also bought Kotex liner (two of my walgreens are out of pads) and got a coupon for free Always liner (upto 5 dollar value). If anyone is interested there is also great deal on Nivea men products. They are on sale for Buy one get one free. I bouhgt two post shave balms for my husband and used 4 dollar coupon. (one of those we got from Nivea happy hours on facebook) They came out only 2.99 for two. What a great deal! Also bought Oxiclean maxforce gel paks for 99 cents. In total I paid 3 dollar and have 12.50 dollars in regsiter rewards plus coupon for free Always liner. Wooohooo! You are awesome Cindy.