$0.50 Coupon Skinny Cow Cups

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Okay so I have another coupon for Skinny Cow Cups.  Two things though.  1. I’m not even sure it’s a new coupon but it’s new to me so maybe it’s new to you.  2. It’s not a $1.00 off, it’s a $0.50 off.  So, if your store doubles then it now turns into a $1.00 off.  So, not as good a deal at CVS where they are $1.00 and you’ve already scored yourself a nice helping of Free Skinny Cow cups.  But, at ShopRite right now, and not even on sale, they are priced at $1.25.  So, you can either get them for only $0.25 a cup or print and hang onto them until the price comes down.  Your call.

You can head over here to print your $0.50 Coupon for Skinny Cow Cups

You can get the $1.00 coupon here or here