$2.00 Coupon For Al Fresco Chicken Sausage – Yes Another Link!

Reader Ueen spotted yet another $2.00 Al Fresco coupon.  Yes indeed, another one.  But, they are not on sale this week.  They are back up to $4.49 each.  Which is fine for me right now as my freezer is quite full.  But, I printed off my coupons in the hopes for another awesome sale before they expire (which is 7/20).  Maybe I’ll have room in my freezer by then.

But, if you’ve got rain checks to use up, then you’ve got some more coupons to use.  You can head over here to print your coupons. Found at zip code: 30013.

(Thanks Ueen!)

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  • Jeanine

    Those sausages were AWESOME! I sauteed some mushrooms (frozen, exotic mixture) and then added cut up sausage (I used the garlic flavored). Deglaze pan with some white wine, add some cream and garlic, toss in some peas, serve over pasta! Yum!

    • Cindy

      @Jeanine, Oh boy does that sound good. Oh wait, idea…I think I might put up a post asking everyone how they have cooked the sausages. I’m putting it on my list for tomorrow. Can’t wait to find out all the different idea. 🙂

  • Jeanine

    I almost suggested that. 😉 If I find the actual recipe that I used, I will post a link tomorrow. I have plans for another favorite recipe that I will also post.

    We are what some might call food snobs around here, and when I tell you that everyone loved it, I mean it. It is not easy finding a dish to please a 3, 7 and 11 year old boy and a husband who grew up with a mom that cooks like Martha Stewart!

  • Sue

    I grilled the chicken and apple ones and added multi colored peppers and onions… very good on a roll…

  • Crystal

    Where can you find these for sale? I don’t have a shop rite in my area. Does Wal-Mart sell them?

  • jaclyn

    I have a raincheck because Shoprite was out of the apple sausage at the beginning of the week. When I stopped in later in the week they were restocked. Now i can use the raincheck with these coupons- thanks!! My husband is amazed at the bargains we are getting- thanks so much!

  • Jenny

    I just had a pack last night for dinner. I diced them and served them like meatballs. We had a box of the free ronzoni pasta I snagged last week at shoprite with a 1.00 jar of pasta sauce and a 1.00 steamer bag of veggies. Dinner for 2.50 for a family of 5!!

    • Gen


      Now thats a deal! Nothing beats a dinner for 50 cents!!!

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