Another Olay Rebate: Buy $30 Get $12

If you are buying up all that Free Olay lately at different store or if you have already making money on Olay at Pathmark, you can score even more money with this Olay Rebate. It’s a $12 Rebate when you buy $30 in Olay Products through 6/30/10. Now the trick with the rebate is that it’s really a magazine subscription rebate. But, if you look at the fine print at the bottom, you can get $12 in cash instead of the magazine subscription.

Here is the info taken from the bottom of the rebate:

You can head over here to print the rebate form.

(Thanks Shannon!)

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  • ronni

    does 1 receipt have to equal $30 or can you combine a few receipts. Was wondering if you knew. The form says “send in your qualifying receipt” so maybe they mean in 1 transaction.

    • Cindy

      @ronni, Usually when it says receipt then it’s one but they have a customer service number on the form you can call and see their requirements.

  • Crystal

    I read on another site that you can use photocopied receipts for this rebate, so I was able to use the same receipts that I used for the regular $20 rebate from Olay. Hopefully it works – I sent it in about a week or so ago.