BOGO Sobe Game Coupons Reset & Limit Increased

You know that Sobe Game that you all love playing?  Well, it appears that it has reset.  So you should be able to print again even if you printed earlier.  Now some are saying that they could print 8 now but I couldn’t print 8.  I could print and print and print.  It’s just not stopping me (but I stopped at 12).  So, I don’t know what’s up with it but you really need to  head over here to play again. Remember these are BOGO Free coupons.  And, FYI, these will be BOGO Free at CVS starting on Sunday.

Let us know how many you could print.

(Thanks MCA!)

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  • laurie

    i was able to print it 14 times!!!!!!! i just kept hitting the “back” button and it kept printing! 🙂

  • Patti

    Last wk the site told me I reached my limit. Tried again tonight & I won but site said that coup would be mailed. Unabe to print anything. 🙁 I know people are printing 20+. 🙁 not fair!

    • Melanie

      I agree Patti….Not fair 🙁

  • Rachel

    are these all unique Qs?

    • Cindy

      @Rachel, If you mean unique like different bar code numbers yes. Same as regular coupons.

      • Rachel

        @Cindy, thanks, I checked the Veri-fi numbers myself 🙂 It just seemed too good to be true! I stopped after 22 because how many Sobe’s does one person need??!! and I just got tired of trying to catch the printer before I wasted all the ink on the ad that prints after the Q

  • Jessica R.

    I stopped after 20. Will there be a limit to how many we will be able to pick up from CVS once they become B1G1?

  • Terri

    I got 2 prints, and it said I reached my limit. So, I went out and back into the site again and got 4 more prints by playing the game once and then hitting the back button. After 4 prints it said I reached my limit again. That’s enough for now! I may try again later in the week.

  • cheryl

    I stopped myself after 15 copies…!

  • Debbie

    It stopped me at lucky number 13! I occasionally buy these for my son who works outside all day, so he will be very happy!

  • Kara

    It stopped me after 20! Wow!

  • Lynda

    It let me print 21 coupons before it said I had reached my max. I played again and won but it wouldn’t let me print more. Considering how many I was never allowed to print before I am very happy! Now I hope they get me my jacket I won that I wasn’t able to redeem because it never let me create my account!

  • Denise

    It stopped me at 11. My daughter loves these!!!

  • Stephanie

    stopped me at 21

  • cheryl

    Can someone tell me… If they are going to be bogo at CVS starting Sunday – and you are using bogo coupon – how will that work…?? would you buy 4, 2 would be free from CVS, and then one with the coupon and pay for 1 – that’s the only way I can think? Thanks for any input! 🙂

    • Eden

      No, you would buy four & use two coupons. That would make all four of them free. Because you are already getting two free from CVS. Then the coupons will give you two free. That’s four for free. Hope that helps! 🙂

      • cheryl

        @Eden, thanks… hope it works! My CVS, it just depends on if they are in the mood…

  • lisa

    I stopped myself at 14. And I still have 5 that I was supposed to use at Target last week, but the cashier there told me that I was only allowed to use 1 coupon when bying the 10 in order to get the $5 gift card. Only ONE BOGO coupon when buying 10!!?? That does not sound like right policy for Target. They must have meant using only one of the $0.50 Target coupons, but no, he said the MFC BOGO too. I’m dubious that he knew what he was talking about… Anyway, now I will get lots more SoBe bottles so I’m happy! 🙂

  • Tara

    Are you guys sure you can use multiple BOGO coupons at CVS with their BOGO SOBE offer? Their coupon policy states that “when a particular item is on sale for BOGO, you are only allowed to use 1 manufacturers BOGO coupon” making both items free. Does that mean we can only do that once, and would have to make a separate transaction or come back another day to do it again.

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  • I did this deal at CVS today. They only had some of the flavors marked as being part of the B1G1 promotion but actually all of the flavors were.

    The ad has a limit of 6 so you can buy 12 Sobe, use 6 B1G1 and owe $0.00 on a single transaction. We did 3 transactions today and got 36 Sobe Water for ABSOLUTELY FREE. I LOVE this Deal!!

  • Alison

    I would recommend people check with their CVS store before going in to use these coupons with the existing BOGO deal. My store wouldn’t let me do it, even after I told them the coupon policy online said you can use one manufacturer’s coupon with the deal. When I got home, I called CVS customer service and they told me that when an item is already on BOGO, you cannot use a BOGO coupon with it. You could only use it INSTEAD OF the store’s BOGO deal (like if you went over their advertised limit on the deal). Really frustrating. I was in a hurry to get home because I had frozen stuff in my car from the grocery store so I just bought them anyway, but if I’d had time to think about it, I would’ve put them back and saved my money to try the deal at Target instead.

  • Anonymous


  • I’ve had trouble finding Sobe at my CVS stores (maybe a few too many coupons out there?) so today I started getting rain checks. You can get a rain check for 12 bottles of Sobe each time you go into a CVS and this gives you more time to get your B1G1 coupons by playing the game online. I’m thrilled because after the sale they should have all the flavors in stock!!

  • Alison

    Hi guys, I just wanted to update you about what happened since my last comment. I emailed CVS customer service to confirm the coupon policy I’d heard in store and on the phone, and today I received a response saying that the store should have honored my BOGO coupons along with the deal, and that they were contacting the district to review couponing procedures with store employees. They also credited my ExtraCare account with a $4 courtesy coupon (they said it will print on my next register receipt like regular ECBs) to reimburse me for the Lifewaters I should’ve gotten free. So if anyone else has had a problem getting their local store to accept their coupons with the deal, try using the contact form on the CVS website! I am more than happy with their response and the actions they took to correct the issue.

  • Jenelle

    i dont see the coupon on the website can some one give me better info so i can get this coupon!